NVC De escalation skills

Learn how to Breathe through tense situations in one to one or small group situations

Available recordings - they all follow a similar format and include different hosts and participants, bringing different scenarios

Laura and Marta July 2019

Marta and Andy July 2019

Ceri and Marta July 2019 

Ceri and Andy July 2019 (30 mins up to practice)

Emma - April 2019, Gina and Ceri (Good piece on why not to say sorry (if you don't mean it)

Andy - April 2019

Ceri  April 2019(audio only)

Sarah April 2019

Neil  10th April 2019

Neil 9th April 2019

Verene April 2019

This recording with Rowan has a different format and is an excellent intro to large crowd de escalation

Rowan  Creative De escalation for Large Crowds. (not NVC):

Here is the handout for this session

 Creative De escalation for Large Crowds with experienced activist, Rowan. And Here is the handout for this session.  (Good on acknowledging vulnerability for some people in walking towards and taking action in tense situations). Please listen (or read handout) if you don't have much experience on actions and you are curious about ways that have developed over the last 20 years for dealing with escalated situations, particularly with the police.