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Voice Boards are forums that allow you to make an audio recording of your message. You need a microphone installed on your computer to use this tool.

This guide will explain:

Other student guides for Voice Tools:

Note: Many mobile devices do not run Java so the Voice Tools applications will not be accessible on those devices. If you are unsure if your device will run Java, you may need to check with the device manufacturer.

Listening to a Voice Discussion Board

  1. Login to Moodle ISU. For more information, see Student: Accessing Moodle ISU.
  2. In your Dashboard, Click your course.
  3. Locate the week/topic containing the discussion.
  4. Click the Voice Board to open it.

Note: A pop-up window will appear and you will be asked to run the application. Click Run to allow Collaborate to open. If this window does not appear, you may need to disable the pop-up blocker in your browser. For instructors, see Voice Tools Student: Troubleshooting Voice Tools.

Run App.jpg

To listen to a post:

  1. Select the post.
  2. Click Play.

play 3.jpg

Posting to a Voice Discussion Board

To reply to a post:

  1. Select the post.
  2. Click Reply.

Note: This will thread your reply under the original message.


  1. In the Subject text box, Type a subject for your message.
  2. Click Record to begin recording your message.

Note: Once you have started recording, the Pause and Stop buttons will become active.

  1. Pause - Clicking this button will allow you to halt recording temporarily.
  1. Clicking the Record button will allow you to add onto the existing file.
  1. Stop - Clicking this button will end the recording session.
  1. You will not be able to add additional audio to the file once the Stop button has been clicked.
  2. Clicking the Record button will prompt you to override the existing file.


  1. Click Play to have the recording played back.
  2. Click Post when you have finished recording the message.

post 2.jpg

Note: Your post will be threaded under the original post.


Note: You can start a new thread by clicking New and following the instructions above after step 5.

new post.jpg

If you have any additional technology questions, contact the IT Service Desk at 282-HELP (4357).  For questions about your course in Moodle please contact your instructor.

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