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The All Billboard Edition!

OK I ran out of both time and inspiration to provide any original content this issue. So sue me.

As some of you noticed on LinkedIN I put out the open casting call asking for members to send me stuff they’d like to put in this issue, and of course most of it was self promoting material and or company eyewash, and some more potentially useful than others (no offense).

But first some housekeeping....

Discussion posts.

There were a couple of high spirited discussions on LinkedIN the past few weeks, which inevitably lead to some shots below the belt and some “inappropriate” dialog.

This of course also lead to my inbox being flooded with complaints and flagged comments.

The rules are quite simple (a) don’t use vulgar language, and (b) do not attack someone personally (or too personally anyway ;-0 )  I keep a semi-vigilant eye on the discussions to ensure these ground rules are adhered to, and if I miss something I’ll hear about it anyway no doubt.

Enforcement can range from a polite email to the offending party, to a more strongly worded email, to tagging the offender with having to have comment/posting moderation for each future contribution, to removal from the group altogether.

Q: I don’t see my discussion posting … posted?

A: There are generally three or four main reasons why your posting didn’t make it on the page.

        1. You posted the same article or discussion topic to multiple groups at the same time.

This will trigger a spam-like action on LinkedIN and send your piece into the moderation queue.

        2. You have posted more than once in the past 24 hours. I like to ensure that everyone gets a chance at the podium and has a chance to be heard. If I see more than one, I generally will keep up your most recent submittal.

        3. You are promoting another Irish/Irish American themed group without the courtesy of running it by me first. I am fine with playing in the same sandbox as other similar groups, but I just want the courtesy and possibly some quid pro quo in the other group.

        4. It was just crap... er ..  mean didn’t bring perceived value to our readers. (highly discretionary on my part I know)

IABN.NET is up and running!

After some headaches and tweaking we have a site that can start addressing the needs of the IABN. Register (and yes you’ll still  have to register of you were on the old site), fill out a bit about yourself, and enjoy. Moving forward the website will have all exclusive content from what you see on LinikedIn, so make yo check in regularly.  

If you’d like to advertise on the site of a group nearing 10,000 strong is 26 countries, shoot me a note (

***Huge thanks to IABN’ers Adam O’Leary, Owner of Incite Marketing who designed and helped me brainstorm the new site. I would recommend Adam for any small/medium size company looking for e-marketing inspiration. 303-332-3908.

***And also across the pond thanks to Kevin O’Connor, Owner The Office Assistant, Ireland.

The OA is an opportunity based service which creates on demand mobile sites, SMS campaigns, video creations and a whole lot more. Kevin =

How to use IABN? Simply go to the website and register.. You can contribute articles, pictures, and possibly get your product into the “IABN Recommends” section. (see me for details). It’s your page, help make it grow by contributing the content!


Please help me congratulate our IABN Ireland Chapter President Richard Lawler on the birth of his first child!  

Baby Sophie was born on Feb 4th in Dublin and both mom and baby are doing great!

Caro’s Corner

        Caro Kinsella, The IABN’s un-official (I’d call her official but fear legal claims of misrepresentation) immigration attorney made an appearance on RTE Radio last week discussing the tangled web of the proposed immigration reform being discussed in Washington, and how it may affect some of our friend and loved ones.  (click on amnesty for illegal immigrants in the U.S.)

For information or consultation please contact Caro @ 

Make sure you tell her the IABN sent ya.

And speaking of RTE Radio...

IABN Brother Liam B de Frinse, Owner Roscdubh Studio, Fine Art professional

Belfast, N.Irelan

Has a new series on TG4. You can download the TG4 Player to catch up. This programme has large ratings. Again it can be accessed on the internet.

Click on the link to hear Liam’s latest appearance

Meet a fellow member

Tom Cramer out of Chicagoland (young & older Tom pictured) does software and production testing for Rydin Decal, the company who is working on the IABN bumper sticker (available soon), and is a frequent guest blogger on one of my fav news sources The Huffington Post has shared a little tid bit about himself.

Incidentally this is exactly what I would like IABN’ers to provde when signing up for

Grandparents on mom's side both came from County Kerry, but separately, they didn't really know each other. Met, married and started their family in Chicago.


My mom had 4 kids, and lost 5, before I came along 14 years later.

Oldest sibling is 27 years older than me, closest 14 years older.

I've been an uncle since I was 2. I have 10 nieces and nephews.

I now have 20 great nieces and nephews.

Lost Dad at age nine and mom at age 13.


Graduated from Notre Dame in 1987 with a business degree, concentration in Marketing.

Have always worked in Printing Industry. Lived and worked in Europe for about a year total.

Been to Ireland twice. Visited grandfather's place of birth in Ballyheigue. Awesome. Proud to be called an IABN’er.

And it wouldn’t be a newsletter without a bit of neo-con teasing.

** Just some friendly banter.. save your hate mail

Gabby Giffords Tells Congress To Act On Gun Control

Former Arizona representative Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head in 2011, delivered the opening remarks yesterday at a congressional hearing on gun violence that later featured testimony from NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre. What do you think?

“Come on. If everyone who got shot felt the need to speak to Congress about gun control, we’d never hear the end of it.”

Janet Mooney –


“Think of the courage, strength, and determination it took to come back and address the nation like LaPierre did after these shootings.”

Larry Campisi –

Block Maker

“Until I hear the side of a deranged mass shooter I don’t know what to think.”

Alonzo Marshall –

Herbarium Curato

IABN’er Mike Houlihan’s “Our Irish Cousins”

Premières at European Union Film Festival

 The IABN’s Own Mike Houlihan


The Gene Siskel Film Center hosts the Chicago premiere of Mike Houlihan’s comic documentary film, “Our Irish Cousins”, at the 16th Annual European Union Film Festival on Wednesday, March 13th at 8:15PM.  Houlihan is a former features columnist for The Chicago Sun-Times, co-host of WCEV radio’s Irish Hour, “The Skinny & Houli Show”, and has been writing the Hooliganism column in the Irish American News since 1996.


In the film, legendary All-Ireland football and hurling champion P.J.O'Dea narrates the tale of "The Hooligan From Chicago". This film is a paean to the luck of the Irish and according to Houlihan,  “will be remembered as one of the most significant motion pictures of all time.”


Filled with Irish music and laughter, “Our Irish Cousins” features many Irish musicians, comedians, and personalities including Maureen O’Looney, Paddy Homan, Maurice Lennon, Dennis Cahill, Eleanor Tiernan, Jaymo Doyle, Eithne Fitzpatrick, 1953 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Lattner, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, The Yiddish Sons of Erin, Des Bishop and a cast of thousands.

This year’s festival encompasses 26 of the 27 EU countries, presenting the Chicago premieres of 61 films.   As always, our festival presents a wide range of recent production, from first features by the cream of Europe’s new talents to the latest films by established masters.


All screenings and events are at the Gene Siskel Film Center of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, located at 164 N. State St., Chicago, IL 60601


Tickets to each screening – unless stated otherwise – are $11/general admission, $7/students, and $6/Film Center members. All tickets may be purchased at the Film Center Box Office. Both general admission and Film Center member tickets are available through Ticketmaster, 800-982-2787,, and all Ticketmaster outlets. The Film Center and its box office are open 5:00 to 8:30 pm, Monday through Friday; 2:00 to 8:30 pm Saturday; and 2:00 to 5:30 pm Sunday.


Discounted parking is available for $14 for nine hours at the InterPark SELF-PARK at 20 E. Randolph St. A rebate ticket can be obtained from the Film Center Box Office.

For more information about the Film Center, call 312-846-2800 (24-hour movie hotline) or 312-846-2600 (general information, 9:00 am-5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday), or visit

IABN Ironmen

Brother Padraic Frain of Co. Mayo an avid runner, cyclist, and outdoorsman (I think I hate him) has given us a heads up on some upcoming triathlons in the beautiful Callow Lake area.

This would be ideal for those Irish American’s who are into such sports to both compete and to visit one of the more scenic areas of the Ol’ Sod.

They are running two excellent triathlons over the weekend of July 13th and 14th. Both are ran on the shores of beautiful Callow Lake. These are annual events and in the past they have had participants from the States. The triathlon web page is and entry to these competitions opens on March 1st.

** In addition Paraic has offered his advice for  travel, accommodations, sightseeing and more. Contact him a:



Every once and awhile I will pimp a product that I think is clever or meaningful to the group.

IABN Brother Frank Moran, Sales Rep for International Fuel Technology Greater NY has developed such a product, and just in time for the Super Bowl!! Oh wait it’s over.. Um Baseball season!

Frank has basically developed a packing and serving system for the serious tailgater.. A Swiss army knife of tailgating as it were, and I think a tremendous idea that no doubt will catch fire.

He is currently seeking the capital needed to begin production. He has secured a $40,000 purchase order from NHMS (New Hampshire Motor Speedway) so getting the prospective investors off their wallets might be easier now. He is in discussions to secure additional POA (Purchase Order Agreements) from the NHMS parent company based in Charlotte NC. They own 7 other major NASCAR sanctioned raceways and if they order even 100 Gate Mates each for licensing and sales at those locations He thinks it will fly off the shelves.

The point is, he is not yet there, but very very close to begin production, all he needs is $$$.

So he would like to offer IABN'ers a discount for the Father's day holiday which I am sure by then we will have the product up and available.

He will also offer free shipping for the IABN members ($20+ value) as well as a gift for them. As mentioned they will be in production and ready to ship before Father's Day so he is taking orders in mid February.

For more info check out gatemate at or drop Frank a line at:

Time for shameless plugs !!

*Buying us a pint at might be a nice “thank you” for those mentioned. here......just sayin’ *

Brother Christopher Britt

the Chief Visionairy Officer ( I included Chris’ stuff  because I like his title) at Priviley LLC, located in Boston Massachusetts. We are a 100& Irish owned/operated business incubator, CEO/CFO consultants, tax prepares, CPA's, and forensic accountants. More information is available on the web at I am the founding member and we have been in business since 2007. We maintain offices in Boston MA & Irvine CA.

Christopher Britt

Chief Visionary Officer

(M) 617.259.5340 - (O) 617.500.6535 x101 - (F) 617.500.6536

IABN Brother/Minstrel Dominic Preston

of DP Music, Washington DC area, would like a shout out about his St Patrick's Day music downloads which are now available. Great for some “atmosphere” during your Paddy’s celebrations.

Access by by going to my web store - here is the link.

Scroll down to the bottom the page and there is my music and download from the site to your computer.

Another great music option is..

From IABN Brother skOt (yes with a small s, big O, and a k) Cranmore

67 Music

Celtic music media and promotions


To document, preserve, promote, and celebrate all forms of Celtic music and the artists who make it.


67 Music is a full-service Celtic music promotions company striving to develop, promote and maintain professional and personal relations within the Celtic community and beyond. 67 Music works primarily with music, but also dance, culture, art, literature and all things Celtic-related.

Our aim is to inform and entertain our audience and to share info on musicians, bands, and events, in the Pacific NW and around the world.

Since our beginnings in 2008, 67 Music has hosted the very popular "67 Music Celtic Broadcast", a weekly Celtic music program heard by fans globally.  We have had had the honor of interviewing many musical legends and influential artists such as The Young Wolfetones, Gaelic Storm, Solas, The Battlefield Band, and more.

67 Music is owned and operated by skOt Cranmore and Steve Behrens.

Find out more about 67 Music:

skOt Cranmore, 971.219.0786

Brother Tom McKeown NY,NY.

His  company, yourbalancezone, sells the entire fitness and nutrition solution to corporate professionals who have specific goals. However, we they are not personal trainers, they will not send you to a gym, and best of all they do not charge anywhere near what you would have to pay for all of those things. The best part is, is that they have hundreds of success stories of body and health transformations in his company.

 The process works like this:

 Let's say you want to lose 10 lbs and gain 5 lbs of muscle- They will map out with you exactly what you need to do to accomplish this because:

 1) They will provide to you a proven workout program to follow on your own from home (in the form of DVD's).

 2) They will provide to you the nutrition solution and a meal plan to follow

 3) They provide to you a personal coaching program where you have the ability to consult them and fitness/nutrition professionals while following the workouts and the nutrition program.

*The cost for the entire program (all 3 of these items above) is between $160-$205 for everything + a $15 a month fee to continue the coaching program thereafter.

For more info contact Tom at: or visit

From Sister Ellen St.George Godfrey, Boston, MA.

How To Use The CEO Mindset For Small Business Success

Why is it so hard to think of yourself as CEO of your small business? Maybe it sounds like you’re putting on airs but if you are a small business owner, you are already acting like a CEO! But sometimes things distract us or get in the way of our priorities.

·             Do you feel uncertain or even nervous about leading your business to its next stage?

·             Are you holding your business back by focusing so much on the day-to-day work?

·             Is it time to stop being the “technical expert” and step up and be the CEO of your business?

·             How would your business be more successful if you were a practical visionary?

In this complimentary webinar, you will:

·             Understand how your business vision directly boosts productivity and revenue

·             Learn how to manage the emotional demands of your role

·             Learn simple techniques successful CEO’s use in their everyday leadership that defines  a clear path to future growth

Sign up today for this no-cost 75 minute webinar and join us on Wednesday, February 27th from 2:00-3:15pm ET/7:00pm-8:15pm GMT. For more information and to register, please go to

IABN Brother Jim McCall

Has atechnological twist on the old mortgae game. His web page is Is his business so her makes sure that all of our clients are treated to the best service and products he can offer. He provides Personal and Commercial Financing In Greater Connecticut Area and is a member of the BBB

Rapid Response Mortgage Services is a full-service mortgage brokerage firm, licensed and insured since 2001. Our team of certified loan officers work closely with numerous lending institutions to offer clients and realtors the best financing programs available on the market today, including:

Home Affordable Refinancing Program

FHA & Emerging Markets Programs

Fixed-Rate Mortgages

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Reverse Mortgages


Home Equity


Divorce Buyouts


Construction Loans

IABN Brother Thomas Noel Smith Actor, out of Punta Gorda, FL.

Adding a bit of culture to the group has just had his second book of poetry published!

It is available through or throough The book is entitled "Words of the Times" by Thomas Noel Smith.

Congratulations Tom!

Sister Maura Maloney,  Dublin

Maura is the Loyalty Manager At Dublin Airport has a great offer for flyers who use Dublin airport frequently, or who just want to travel in style.


The Dublin Airport Authority Airport Club, a membership club for the frequent flier. The club allows the customer to avail of the Fast Track entrance when traveling through Dublin Airport. Other benefits are discounted short term parking, discounted lounge entrance, shopping discounts and more. To view the offers . Their contact details are; 0035318144898 or email us on

Maura Moloney, Brand Executive

Dublin Airport Authority, T: 00353-1-814 4361 F: 00353-1-814 4619

M: 00353-87-2343946 email:

Sister Ellen Gunning, Dublin


Is announcing The Irish Academy of Public Relations offers online courses in public relations, journalism, event management and grammar.

This week we have introduced new language options. You can now study PR with the in Spanish, French, Russian, Polish and English. They are very excited by it.All of our courses start on Valentine's Day - February 14th.

If you are accessing the site from the USA it is

If you are accessing the site from Europe it is

Ellen Gunning MA, MIAPR, FPRII, NUJ

Director, Irish Academy of Public Relations

For details:

Sister Michelle Ward, Owner of Office Horizons Inc. Greater Boston MA.

Office Horizons, a furniture dealership located in Lowell, MA is celebrating 20 years in the industry by launching a new website. To celebrate this milestone and thank their customers, founder Michelle Ward, encourages everyone to visit their new site and sign up to win the Verte Office Chair.   In addition Michelle is offering 10% off for IABN members on any purchase good through May 1, 2013.

Visit them on the web at or stop by their newly designed showroom at 70 Wilbur Street, Lowell, MA 01851.

Upcoming Meet Ups

Left to right: Atlanta IABN’ers Maggie & Evan Scullin, Judith McLaughlin, Brion Fitzpatrick

Atlanta/Southeast - Sister Maggie Scullin’s IABN Chapter is putting on a  St. Valentine's Day party in Atlanta. It's on Tue., Feb. 12 from 7-9pm at Meehan's Public House in Sandy Springs. Here is the RSVP link:

For more info you can contact her at:

Southern CA.

The IABN So Cal Crew “aka The Great Ones”

I will be announcing a St Paddy’s “Tune Up” Meet Up for late Feb/Early March. Keep your eyes peeled.

Keep in touch with me John Richards at: or invite me to connect on LinkedIn

To keep abreast of meet ups or IABN events in your area contact your region’s chapter president.

West Coast - John Richards

Greater New York city - Gail Geltham

New England- TBD * ping us if you're interested in running this Chapter

Chicago/Milwaukee -

Southwest - Damian McCabe

Southeast - Margaret Scullin

Ohio Valley - Erin Ryan

Greater D.C.- Colleen Creighton

Greater Pittsburgh Greg Ivers -

Greaer Philadelphia -

Ireland - Richard Lawler

San Francisco area -

** In addition we are always looking to open up in new regions. If you’re interested in starting a chapter, please e-mail me at

I’d particularly love to see chapters open in N.Ireland, Pac NW, The Rocky Mtn Regions.