Celebrate LADEE!

NASA Rockets 2 Racecars

Educator Professional Development Opportunity


Richmond International Raceway

Graphic showing how the LADEE launch will be seen from Richmond International Raceway

Calling all teachers --

Join us at the Richmond International Raceway (RIR) and learn how to get your students revved up about STEM with NASA Rockets 2 Racecars teacher professional development workshop. Come to the NASCAR Nationwide Race with us on Friday, September 6th and watch the launch of NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer, LADEE, mission to study the Moon’s atmosphere, following the race. THEN, get your hands dirty on Saturday, September 7th in the VA529 Kid Zone showing off your new skills acquired through virtual training with NASA’s AESP and DLN Rockets 2 Racecars Education Specialists.

Teachers are invited to come to the racetrack and be part of several different activities. Let us know how you want to participate by visiting the following form - http://tinyurl.com/pvytub9

Friday, September 6th

  ** 4:30pm Meet NASA’s Associate Administrator and former

       astronaut Leland Melvin

 ** 7:30pm Watch Nationwide Race and learn the STEM in action of racing  

     (we will supply tickets to teachers that have participated of the PD

     sessions with NASA Education Specialists)

  ** 11:30pm Watch the launch of NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust

      Environment Explorer, LADEE, mission to study the moon

Saturday, September 7th

  ** From 10am to 6pm to do the hands-on engineering challenges –

     Touchdown Challenge & Drag Race to Mars – alongside NASA

     Education Specialists. Each hour that you participate with NASA

     Education Specialists will earn you PD hours that you can use towards

     teacher licensure requirements.

Register today for the virtual PD session or face-to-face 3-hr PD session at Science Museum of Virginia on Sept 5th from 5-8pm EDT at http://tinyurl.com/mxwqtwr 

Rockets 2 Racecars has partnered with RIR and VA529 to provide an exciting professional development opportunity virtually AND at Richmond International Raceway on the STEM needed to Touchdown on the Moon and win a Drag Race to Mars. Connect with NASA Education Specialists for a 90-minute live, highly interactive virtual session to explore the differences between the Moon and Mars and discover the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math involved in landing on both locations. Learn about NASA’s LADEE mission to study the Moon’s atmosphere and watch the launch from the raceway on Friday, September 6th, following the Nationwide Race.

Teachers completing the 90-minute virtual workshop are extended an opportunity to join R2R at Richmond International Raceway, Friday, September 6th for the NASCAR Nationwide Series Race, and on Saturday, September 7th during the day, to demonstrate their newly acquired skills at the educator booths. Participants will receive a certificate of completion for the 90-minute session and for each hour they participate in the hands-on activity at the racetrack. This certificate can be used towards teacher licensure requirements.  

Several 90-minute sessions will be offered throughout the last week of August to provide ample opportunity to attend ONE session. You may connect on either of the following dates:

§  Friday,  August 30th at   3 pm ET

§  Wednesday, September 4th at 3pm ET


Don't miss this opportunity to rev up your instruction and get your students engines started for the upcoming school year!

Register today at http://tinyurl.com/mxwqtwr