Friends and Family Program

The first rule of the Friends and Family Program [LMD F&F Program] is absolute secrecy.  A member may not discuss the program with any non-member.  The secrecy rule will be liberally construed to advance the program’s stated interest in secrecy as a business method.

The second rule is that no member may be admitted to the LMD F&F Program except by invitation of a member.

Membership shall be in tranches.  The founding members are the first tranche. Members invited to join by founding members are 2nd tranche members; and so on.  There shall never be more than 7 tranches.  A member may invite his/her sub-members to be joined to his/her tranche.  A member may petition his over-member for promotion.

Subject to a hearing and due process, a member may be demoted to a lower tranche.

Members shall receive a 40% share of the commission generated to the account of

Members who 10 recruit sub-members shall receive a 50% commission on their own travel and a 10% override on the commissions generated by their sub-members.

Exhibit “A”: Friends and Family Program [LMD F&F Program] NDA


I agree to never disclose information about LMD F&F Program.

I agree to never discuss LMD F&F Program with anybody who is not a LMD F&F Program Member.

I agree to absent myself from discussions about LMD F&F Program where non-members of the LMD F&F Program are present.

I agree to bind myself to the rules of the LMD F&F Program.

I will only introduce persons of high character to become members of the LMD F&F Program.

Persons I introduce to become LMD F&F Program members will be sub-members under my account.