Grant Applications Terms and Conditions

The Bouddi Foundation for the Arts (the Foundation) is dedicated to supporting and encouraging young artists on the Central Coast of NSW Australia.  It does this by raising funds from which it awards grants and scholarships to young creative people on the Central Coast.

Part of managing the Foundation involves keeping interested parties up to date on its initiatives, engaging the community about the Foundation and its activities, and celebrating the artists who aspire to and are successful in receiving the grants and scholarships.

It is a condition of making an application that you consent to The Bouddi Foundation for the Arts using any photographic and/or digital images, video and/or audio recording and any materials or samples taken from you or your child for any lawful purpose associated with the Foundation, including for use in the following ways (‘the Agreed Purpose’);

All copyright in your materials remain vested in you as the creator.

You further give permission to the Foundation to use any photographs or videos of you supplied by you or taken at any Foundation event, including fund raising events, awards event, auditions or the like.  



I acknowledge that I am over the age of 18 years OR I am the parent/guardian of the person/s who is under 18 years and have the legal capacity to give consent, and;

I grant to The Bouddi Foundation for the Arts and its representatives the right to take photographs, digital images and recordings of me and my property in connection with the Foundation.

I consent to the publication and distribution, by The Bouddi Foundation for the Arts, of photographs, digital and images for any lawful purpose, as described above.

I agree to all the Terms and conditions set out above.

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Indicate person who is signing this form below ():

Individual is over 18 years of age                                              OR  

Parent/Guardian of the person who is under 18 years of age         

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