Tutorial Research

1. Review 3 - 5 tutorials on a topic of your choice (music, video games, cooking, technology, drawing, origami, skateboarding, etc) and evaluate each tutorial in the table below. Make sure each tutorial is created by a different person. Include at least 2 comments with reasons for each box below.

Make sure your answers are detailed and thorough and explain the reasons for your statements.

Tutorial Topic



List the things in the tutorial that would help you improve your skills. What did you learn by watching this tutorial?

What did the creator do well? Why was it good?

What was hard to understand? Why wasn’t it helpful?





How to Draw a Cartoon Penguin

  1. Cartoon drawings don’t look realistic. They can be exaggerated or cute.
  2. I learned how to draw Kirby’s feet because she used them as an example.
  3. I learned how to improve my cartoon-style drawing by using some of the same skills - for example button eyes, beak mouth, body shape for a missile.
  1. She was drawing and explaining at the same time. This helped me understand better because I could see what she was doing.
  2. She didn’t speed up (time lapse) when she was drawing. This was good because I could follow along and didn’t have to pause.
  3. She used simple words and examples to make it easy to understand. This is good because it’s easier to imagine when you’re trying to draw.
  1. Sometimes her hand was covering her drawing. This wasn’t helpful because sometimes we couldn’t see the drawing.
  2. She didn’t pause. This wasn’t helpful because it was hard to follow.
  3. She could have put the finished product first. This wasn’t helpful because we didn’t know what we’re going to create.


How to draw a Manga girl with HeadPhones

1.Manga Drawing are a fantasy so they should not look like a normal person.They also look like a drawing.

It helped me realize that somtimes it not only the person that matters.This was good because somtimes I can understand that peole can also focus on all the details of the headphones.

1.If he/she did a time lapse he explained what he did.He made shur that his watchers understood what he did.

2.Before he does a time lapse he tells pepole so that they know and can be prepared.

He started with a time lapse which was harder to start because we don’t kow what the strating shape is so we have to stop it draw it then start which made the drawing harder.


How to draw manga eyes

1.It helped me like the others did with my drawing .I can also change my drawing that I do by my self in the future when I draw manga and comic drawings.

1.They showed a picture of the finished product so the viewers could see what the final product should look like.

They explained what they should be like or an explainashion.This was good because peole can havea idea or a image of the shape.

1. They didn’t speak so we had to keep looking at the screen.That made harder for us to look at the screen and the paper back and forth.

2.They didn’t explain what tools they were useing.This was not good because someone people might use a pen and make a mistake.They should say what there gonna use so then peole can go over it later.


How to draw eye/Manga

1.It gave more choice and more ideas for my cllection of manga girls that I drew By my self.It also made my drawing more manga like less Human like.

1.She kept explaining what she was doing and made people has a imagnation of what it should look like.

She kept talking what to do so people could understand even if they weren’t watching the video.I felt like this was good because most of the time I wasn’t

Her hand was covering the drawing so it was hard to see what she was drawing.She Didn’t stop so that the people could catch up.


How to draw a Peace sign(Hand peace sign)

It helped me notice that most of the tutorials that i watch and thigs I draw are manga and don’t look realistic.These kind of drawings help me draw things more realistic.

It helped me to create my own drawing based on what I saw in the tutorial and can improve my cllection of drawings.

He did not draw when he was speaking so we could catch up on the drawing.He also said that we could stop the video when we feel like it then change our drawing if we felt like it.

1.He showed us what tools we should use to create the finishing project.

1.He speeded up his shading and that was disappointing because then the finisheing project does chang with the shading.

He didn’t show us where he was drawing.This was not good because I think people wanted to see how he drew and try to draw like him


How to draw a Cartoon Minion

This helped me because it was not manga or cratoon/Realistic drawings.It also helped ,me on drawing Movieish Drawings.

They drew sort of slowly and it helped peole to draw if they made a mistake that they can catch up easliy

Sometimes I found that her hand was covering the drawing so It was sort of hard see what she was drawing.

She also didn’t show the final product so we couldn’t see what it would look like in the end.

2. If this was your hobby, and you wanted to get better at it (by learning online), which would you choose and why?