GT Identification/Admission and F.A.Q.'s

* Windsor Park Elementary does NOT test students. All testing and admission is handled by the district's Testing Office. Please contact the testing office to apply to test your student or for more information at 

Office of Assessment and Accountability

3130 Highland 

Corpus Christi, TX 78405 

Phone: 361-844-0396

Testing schedule 2018-2019


*** How is Windsor Park different from other schools?

Windsor Park is a total immersion school with the single purpose of educating gifted children. ALL students at Windsor Park have been identified as gifted and talented.This enables our highly trained staff to develop and implement a curriculum designed for Gifted Students. Educating bright students is what we do. All staff members meet the state required certification for Gifted and Talented teachers, or have the optional GT Endorsement from the State of Texas. New teachers must obtain their G/T certification/endorsement during their first year.

How are children academically grouped once they qualify for the Athena Program?

Children are tested and monitored continuously throughout the year in reading and math to determine what they already know and what they need to learn. Students are flexibly grouped according to the skills they have not yet learned. It is most harmful to bright children to repeat and practice skills they have already mastered.

What if my child is better in one subject than another?

Your child will be accelerated in the subject(s) in which s/he excels.

Are all classes enriched?

Yes, all classes are enriched and accelerated. That means that higher level thinking and problem solving are built into all lessons in all classes (enrichment). Children may also advance past their grade in reading and math (acceleration).

What is taught in each grade level?

As our core curriculum, we are obligated to teach Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills in each grade level. Windsor Park curriculum goes beyond the standards with enrichment and acceleration. Additionally students are instructed higher level thinking skills through enrichment classes which utilize Creative Problem Solving and Future Problem Solving. The research and leadership components are integrated into each level of learning and experience.

Is there a lot of homework?

In first and second grade, homework consists of practicing reading, math facts, and spelling. As children move into third, fourth, and fifth grade, more independent work is expected at home. If students are using their time wisely at school, homework is not excessive.

What if my child cannot keep up with the accelerated pace at WP?

Teachers work closely with parents to decide what is best for each child. Each teacher acts as a

member of a support team and helps them in any way they can.

I've heard that there is stress for children at Windsor Park. Is that true?

If you have heard that children feel stressed at Windsor Park, you probably heard it from someone whose child does not attend WP. Talk to parents who have children who are in the Athena Program. If the gifted program is appropriate for your child, s/he will thrive in that environment. We are very fortunate to have a staff including teachers, administrators, counselor, specialists all endorsed by the State of Texas on Gifted and Talented education. This includes the social emotional characteristics associated with your student. Should your child exhibit signs of stress, our trained staff will assist in helping the student be successful.

Is school at WP all work and no play?

WP offers an academically rigorous curriculum. We would be doing a disservice to our students if we did not. However, academic and physical playtime are built into the day with field trips, plays, hands-on projects in language arts as well as math and science, recess, and P.E. Gifted students enjoy the work and the learning. It does not seem laborious for them. They thrive on new experiences and challenges in learning. Our work includes student choices, enrichment opportunities, Safari Days, and Fabulous Fridays which all equal fun learning experiences.

Are art, music, and physical education provided for students?

Windsor Park has a full-time art teacher and a full-time music teacher. That means that every student in grades 1-5 participates in a weekly Fine Arts Program. Physical education is taught daily for 45 minutes to all students.

I've heard that WP has a science lab. How is it used to teach science?

All students are scheduled into the science lab at least once a week. The lab is one of the most

popular places on campus. Students get to experience science, not just read about it. Hands on experiments enable learners to engage in discovery learning and embeds the learning. Experiences are then taken back to the classroom for connections and further application.

DRESS CODE: Do the students have to wear a uniform, or standardized clothing?

Students are NOT required to wear a uniform, or "look-alike clothing", such as a polo shirt and khaki shorts or pants. We do have a dress code. Please see the Dress Code policy link under Campus Corner.

Do children stay with the same teacher all day?

Yes, the students do not switch classes for subjects.

At what grade is Spanish taught?

Spanish is taught to all grades as part of Safari Day. We have a certified teacher who provides an excellent curriculum with G/T students in mind.

How will my child make friends, especially in the upper grades?

Teachers of students in grades 2-5 assign each new student a buddy. Children also work with each

other in cooperative groups and practice interpersonal skills during class meetings. Students new to WP are encouraged to become involved in extra-curricular activities.

Is there a Latchkey program?

Yes, the city of Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation Dept. supervises the Latchkey program out of our cafeteria. Activities are provided for the children until 6 p.m.

Are parents welcome at Windsor Park?

Parents are more than welcome at school. This is evidenced by the 800+ PTA membership and by over 10,000 volunteer hours that parents and community members donate to our school each year.

The Child:

Our counselor focuses on providing guidance to gifted children.

Children are with other children who are on the same intellectual level as they are.

Windsor Park makes the exceptional child's life normal. Children are more comfortable because they are not treated differently from the general population of the school.Meeting the academic and emotional needs of our gifted population is embedded into our curriculum.

The Curriculum:

Teachers design curriculum specifically for able learners.

The curriculum continuously grows and changes to meet the needs of our students.

Higher level thinking skills are a part of every lesson.

The Teachers:

Teachers work together for the benefit of the students.

Teachers provide support for students.

Teachers have either long term experience with or certification in gifted education.

Can I take a tour of your school?

YES. Please call the office at 361-878-3770 to schedule a tour. School Tours for parents of next year's qualifying students will be announced at a later date.

Education is valued by WP students and their families. Therefore, everyone at our school has similar goals and values.