AP Schedule

 I may revise this if a topic remains without anyone responsible for the topic.  First come, first serve.  



Assigned To:


Study Sheet Due: Tues Mar 21

Product Markets

Consumer and Producer Surplus

Kevin and Luke

Introduction and Chapter 1

Study Sheet Due: Thurs Mar 23

Product Markets

Elasticity of Income and Cross-Price Elasticity

Study Sheet Due: Tues Mar 28

Market Structures

Perfect Competition


Chapters 2 & 3

Study Sheet Due: Tues Apr 4

Market Structures


Viraj Jiang

Ryan Parekh

Chapter 4 & 5

Study Sheet Due: Tues Apr 11

Market Structures

Monopolistic Competition, Price Discrimination

Edward Wong

Isaac Wang

Chapter 6 & 7

Study Sheet Due: Thurs Apr 13

Market Structures

Oligopolies, Collusion and Game Theory

Aaron Tommasini

Nicholas Gao

Study Sheet Due: Tues Apr 18

Factor Markets


Chapter 8 & 9

Study Sheet Due: Tues May 2

Market Failures and the Role of Government

Ms Cuttle

Chapter 10 & Bonus Chapter 6

Tuesday May 9th


Ms Cuttle

Scrapbook Due

Friday, May 12th

AP Exam