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Job Methods Challenge Sheet
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Job Methods Challenge Sheet

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 Ideas for a BETTER way:


WHAT is achieved?

WHY is it necessary?

WHAT also COULD be done?


WHERE is it done?

WHY there?

WHERE else COULD it be done?


WHEN is it done?

WHY then?

WHEN else COULD it be done?


WHO should do it?

WHY that person?

WHO else COULD do it?


HOW is it done?

WHY that way?

HOW else COULD it be done?

Hints for improving methods:

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Is/Is Not

Is there an internal solution for this


Is there a similar internal process that

does not have this snag?

Is there an existing external solution for

this problem?


Is this method the safest as well as the


Does it conform to safety rules?

Has proper safety equipment been

provided to the operator?

Does the operator understand all safety

rules and precautions?


Can better, less expensive, or less scarce

materials be used? *

Can scrap or waste be reduced, or used for

another job? *

Have defects and scrap been reduced to a


Are the material specifications entirely

clear and definite?


Is bottleneck machine operating at

maximum capacity?

Is machine in good operating condition?

Are they serviced regularly?

Is this the best machine for the operation?

Is the set up time optimized?


Is there a minimum of back tracking?

Are the number of handlings and distances

traveled at a minimum?

Are aisles wide enough and placed to

optimize flow?

Is space being used to advantage?

Is everything in the convenient work area?


Is everything in the proper work area?

Can gravity feed hoppers or drop delivery

chutes be used?

Are both hands doing useful work?

Has all hand holding of material been

eliminated? (clamps or fixtures)


Are working and storage areas are clean

and orderly?

Is junk taking up space that could be used

for productive work?

Do away with anything that is


Are necessary things in proper place?

See that good housekeeping reduces

delays, waste and accidents.


Can you put processes in better sequence?

Can you synchronize processes better?

Can you balance work content better?

Can you balance the demand pace better?

Product Design

Would slight change of design or

specification of product or equipment

improve quality, save materials or time?

Is the quality standard correct for this job?

(correct tolerances and finish)

Equipment and Tools

Are suitable equipment and tools


Have they been supplied to the operators?

How about gauges, jigs and fixtures?

Can holding devices be used?

Can gravity aids help?

Have equipment, tools and fixtures been

properly positioned to permit effective


Is other equipment available within the


Paper Work

Could duplications of work be reduced?

Can sorting, summarizing, recording,

copying, checking, be reduced or


Can the design of the form be improved?

Standardization to reduce work?

* Material utilization – for example, with sheet stock, using trimming pieces for another part.                                                                                                                  “Learning by Doing” Workbook