PUB 512

Communicating Innovation


Course objectives

Innovation has become, in our day, almost a must in all sectors. Communicating the innovation, however, still remains blurry. This course is designed to teach students new knowledge and new skills in communicating innovation. Following a rather short theoretical introduction, the course will mainly proceed with analysis of and discussions on various cases from various perspectives both in global and local levels.  This way, students will most benefit from this course to develop their skills in their future innovation communication strategies and their relations with different stakeholders.

Course content

The content of this course include;  definition of innovation, the diffusion of innovation theory, innovation management, innovation communities, innovative communication vs communicating innovation, innovation journalism, new communicators of innovation, innovation landscape in Turkey, innovation communication in three sectors, and a tool box and check list for communicating innovation - to be co-prepared in a participatory way.

Learning outcomes

Students who take this course will acquire new knowledge and new skills to

  1. define and understand innovation
  2. scan the current trends both in the world and in Turkey
  3. analyse success and failure stories
  4. co- prepare a tool box of innovation communication
  5. successfully communicate innovation

Lecture plan

Lecture 1:        Introduction and Defining innovation  

Lecture 2:        Diffusion of innovations theory

Lecture 3:        Managing innovation  

Lecture 4:        Innovation communities

Lecture 5:         Innovative communication vs communicating innovation

Lecture 6:         Innovation journalism vs new communicators of innovation

Lecture 7:         Innovation landscape in Turkey  

Lecture 8:        Communicating innovation in the public sector

Lecture 9:        Communicating innovation in the private sector

Lecture 10:        Communicating innovation in the civil sector

Lecture 11:        Tool box and check list for communicating innovation

Lecture 12:        Plan your communication of innovation 1

Lecture 13:        Plan your communication of innovation 2

Lecture 14:        Final wrap-up

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Assignment & assessment

Students have two assignments for this course. The first one is to present and analyse a reading or a case of their choice based on the week’s topic. The instructor and students will c0-prepare the schedule and the topics in the introduction week. The second assignment is to design and present a strategy plan for innovation communication. This assignment replaces the final exam and can be done as a group or individual work. Apart from the two assignments, students are required to actively participate in the course both in class and online.

Assignment 1                                                                                         30%

Assignment 2                                                                                        40%

Participation (both online and in class)                                                         30%