Downloading OSMAnd from Playstore

  1. In your android phone, go to Playstore and search for osmand. Install the free “OSMAnd Maps & Navigation”.


  1. Now you have successfully installed.

Loading Data in the OSMAnd

  1. Press the grid icon on the bottom left of the screen, then the Settings icon on the top 1b.png1.png
  2. Click on “Manage Map Files”


  1. Go to “Downloads” tab, and search for Nepal. Check Nepal and hit Download button on the bottom of the screen.

           3a.png  3b.png

Know your location through OSMAnd

  1. To know your location using OSMAnd:

Press on the “Find Me” button.



Navigation through OSMAnd

1.After you have fixed your current location, press “Navigation ” located under the bottom left corner.


2. Select source (From) and destination (To). Press “Go”


7. After you start walking/driving/cycling, you can see your location changing according and getting near the destination.