The burglar next door

WALT make and justify inferences.

Success criteria:

  • I am beginning to link implicit information from the text to make an inference
  • I can use explicit language from the text to justify inferences                        
  • I can identify and describe what the author wanted me to feel, think about or see in the text


Read the events and make an inference about what is happening.

Events in the story


Jenny woke in the middle of the night.

She turned on her torch.

She thought the old house next door looked spooky.

Jenny look supirsed because it looks as if she is scemming

Jenny and Tim woke Mum and Dad.

They thought it was a burglar or someone being held prisoner.

Mum and Dad called the police.

Jenny and Tim semed sispishis  because light shining back at them and they mum and dad and they looked sceard

  The policeman called Jenny upstairs to meet the burglar with the flashing light.

Jenny was called up steirs to see the burglar Jenny and the police men were reled because it was        just a mira