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Newsela Quiz Military
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1. Funding for which of the following equipment is being reconsidered by the Defense Department?

(a) cameras

(b) assault rifles

(c) sleeping bags

(d) office equipment

2. What led to recent protests in Ferguson?

(a) the use of military equipment by police officers

(b) the extra funding being provided to the police department

(c) the shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a while police officer

(d) the lack of police in controlling mass shootings and terrorist threats

3. Select the sentence that BEST sums up the reaction of some people to the situation in Ferguson.

(a) The photos of the police have stirred a big question.

(b) Politicians who are usually on different sides agreed that the response in Ferguson was wrong. U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder called it “unnecessarily extreme displays of force” by police.

(c) This year, the Defense Department program is being reconsidered.

(d) Congress needs “to determine if equipment provided by the Defense Department is being used as intended,” he said.

4. What is the function of the National Tactical Officers Association?

(a) It trains members of police SWAT teams.

(b) It oversees counterterrorism in Los Angeles.

(c) It supplies military equipment to police departments.

(d) It helps local police departments with the handling of military equipment.

5. Who provides military equipment to police departments?

(a) the Police Foundation

(b) the Department of Defense

(c) the Senate Armed Services Committee

(d) the National Tactical Officers Association

6. Which of the following is NOT military-style equipment?

(a) armored vehicle

(b) pickup truck

(c) 18-ton tank

(d) helicopter

7. Select the sentence that shows that some police departments use military equipment for unnecessary tasks.

(a) Local police departments need extra money.

(b) “Just because we can get the equipment, it doesn’t mean we should use it,” he said.

(c) A small police department in California ordered an 18-ton tank last year.

(d) Police departments often begin using heavy equipment for relatively simple missions, he


8. All of the following are given to police departments by the U.S. Defense Department EXCEPT:

(a) helicopters

(b) assault rifles

(c) armored vehicles

(d) mine-blasting equipment