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How can I help travelers in the #caravan headed for the States while they are en route?

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: You can use #socialnetworking to support and share their story, to counteract the racist and scaremongering narratives being spread by the right. You can follow posts by the two groups accompanying them, Pueblo Sin Frontreras & Al Otro Lado and/or share any of my posts on Immigrant & Refugee Rights Network to your own groups and public pages. Stories and photos are most effective in bypassing debate and reaching people’s humanitarian impulses.

Facebook pages for those groups if you want to follow directly:

  • DONATE: You can #donate to Pueblo Sin Frontreras & Al Otro Lado, who are travelling with the caravan and helping them.

Donation links on these pages: 

  • DONATE: Multiple opportunities to help organizations on the ground in Texas.
  • Some folks are working through Hope Border Institute which gets partial funding from El Paso Community Foundation. The community fund also gives to Annunciation House and legal orgs helping the represent refugee parents and children get back together.

  • VOLUNTEER: You can #volunteer to travel to the border with one of several solidarity/sanctuary caravans to stand with the travelers and act as witnesses to their treatment

How can I help our neighbors waiting to cross the border?

  • DONATE: You can #donate to the workers who take food and supplies out onto the Brownsville Matamoros International Bridge 

  • PHONE CALLS: You can make #phonecalls and sign #petitions to protest against illegal and unjust efforts to bar arrivals from seeking asylum in the States through #misuseofthemilitary, an ever-narrowing definition of what constitutes a legitimate #asylum claim, and the proposal to spend billions on a #borderwall

  • Rally and speak out when opportunities arise to protest these issues formally through petitions, protests, submitting comments etc. You can always speak out against these efforts by sharing your critique of them through #socialnetworking, and through letting your representatives know these efforts are unacceptable.

How can you highlight the underlying institutional injustices that have lead to the need to seek asylum?

  • The US has actively contributed to (and continues to contribute to) #climatechange which is making traditional agricultural livelihoods untenable 

  • Many of the critics of immigration will be descended from ancestors who came here as immigrants, many of whom were seeking a better life rather than escaping persecution , especially separated families and unaccompanied teens?

How can I help asylum seekers fight against these injustices?

  • You can #donate to organizations fighting for their rights:

RAICES has two specific funds you can contribute to:

  • ActBlue has created a tool in which your donation is spread either equally or in the amounts you wish between 8 organizations “working to protect kids separated from their families by ICE.”

The 8 organizations are:

  • Human Rights First,
  • We Belong Together,
  • Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project,
  • Women’s Refugee Commission,
  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU),
  • United We Dream Action,
  • La Union Del Pueblo Entero, and
  • Kids in Need of Defense (KIND).

You can donate to these 8 organizations in one simple step here:

  • You can #donate to help pay off their bonds and get them released

Grassroots Leadership has a donation page for Hutto Women’s Prison…

The organizations working with individual families listed below often also post fundraisers for the bonds of specific individuals.

  • Lawyers for Good Government (L4GG) #GivingTuesday Campaign for Migrant Legal Aid - Please help us reach our $25,000 GivingTuesday goal to allow us to respond to this humanitarian crisis. Your gift will help send more L4GG Foundation volunteer lawyers to Mexico, detention centers and “tent cities,” as well as enabling us to provide crucial legal support to agencies on the front lines who are already overwhelmed.

How can I provide direct resources to new immigrants granted entrance to the US?

Since October 26, Immigration Authorities have been vetting families seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border and releasing them – without resources or transportation – at the Port-of-Entry and other locations in San Diego.

These families have fled violence, suffering, and persecution in their home countries. They have braved the elements and endured many hardships on a long and dangerous journey to the United States. Like many of us, they have come here by whatever means possible to give their families a better life.

Desperate and in need of help, they are arriving at a Migrant Shelter in San Diego run by the San Diego Rapid Response Network (SDRRN) , a coalition of human rights and service organizations working for the protection of immigrants and their families.

DONATE to Support the Emergency Migrant Shelter 

BUY specific items that the Shelter Needs: Amazon Wish List