Flou7ish Zoo Trip Kit List 

- packed into usual school bag (named) and one bag that holds both sleeping bag and pillow.


Day 1 - Wear to school - usual comfortable school clothes - named

            Make sure you also have - a warm top, comfortable shoes you can walk in - named

            Raincoat - named

Day 2 - another change of school clothes, including underwear and socks - named

          - (wear same warm top and shoes as Day One)  

School Sunhat

Night time

Pyjamas - named

Toothbrush and toothpaste - named

Wash cloth, SMALL towel (for drying hands and face) - named

Sleeping bag - named

Pillow - named

Joy will supply

  • Washing soap
  • Wet wipes if needed
  • Toilet paper


- Bring usual brainfood, morning tea and lunch for Thursday

- Fruit or Baking to share eg. 1 pkt of biscuits OR 6-8 muffins/cupcakes (1 ice cream container of baking), OR 6-8 apples/ oranges etc

The zoo will supply supper on Thursday

and Breakfast on Friday

Joy will supply

  • Dinner on Thursday (via fundraising)
  • Lunch on Friday (via fundraising)


Up to $10 for shopping at the zoo shop - to Joy in a envelope - Named

Pencil case - named

Notebook  - named (from Joy)

Medication - to Joy in a named bag with instructions

Adults will all have cameras and are

encouraged to take lots of photos.

We will share them so the kids can then

use them at school.

Children WILL NOT take devices.