Do I need a ticket to volunteer?

YES. All volunteers must have a participant ticket to the event itself. No exceptions. Volunteering will NOT get you in the gate - only a ticket will.


How do I go about volunteering?

Log in to your account on this website -- go to the section on the marked "Volunteer." Choose whatever team tickles your pickle(back), and you’re off to the races. Pick some shifts that interest you and sign up for them If you’re not sure what the teams do, you can check out the “Teams” page under the Volunteer menu. It’s that simple!


I’m all signed up, can I get in early?

All volunteers may be permitted to enter the day prior to their shift, however you should check with your team lead to be sure. Early entry is heavily regulated and you must be signed up, online, before sign-up closes. Your profile information on the site must be accurate (Name, Email, Burn name) or you may be denied entry.


Where do I enter my ticket number when I volunteer?

You don’t have to! Whee! We used to have this as a requirement, but it got too confusing. Just make sure you’ve got one, and go sign up.


How do I get my ticket refunded once I’ve signed up for my volunteer shifts?

Short answer is: you don’t. This isn’t a festival, so you don’t get ticket credit for volunteering. You get the awesome ability to be insanely sexy though (because everyone knows volunteers are sexy) and the knowledge that you’re the walking, talking embodiment of, like, a bunch of principles, man.


Should I volunteer before I have a ticket?

We beg of you: while your intentions are solid, please please DO NOT sign up before you have a ticket.


I can’t remember what I’ve signed up for - where can I find that info?

Log in to your account -- go to the Volunteer section, scroll down. Your shifts are all listed! Now, jot those puppies down, ‘cos radical self-reliance is radical :)


Whoops, my schedule has changed - how can I change the shifts I’ve signed up for?

 Same basic steps as above - only when you get to your profile, you can choose “clear” for shifts. (and then the site will be sad) But! You can go sign up for new ones that match your schedule better just like we went over above.


Will anyone remind me of my shifts?

You will get an email with them about a week before the event. Keep it safe!


I’m afraid I’ll forget what shifts I’ve signed up for once I get to Mysteria - is there anyone that can help me with that?

Why yes! We have a whole team for that very thing - the Volunteer Coordinators. You’ll find them by the Upper Lake, right next to the loudmouths with megaphones (TITS). They’ll have a list of all the shifts, cross-referenced in a bunch of ways (remember the team, but not when? Cool. Remember your name, but not the team? Gotcha covered. And so on).


I want to sign up on site - can I do that?

Sure can! Those Volunteer Coordinators are at your beck and call for this very thing! They’ll keep a running list of which teams are in desperate need - rightthisecond because folks haven’t showed up, and on other days where they might know they’ve got gaps. Inevitably, you’ll find yourself with some time when you’re like "dude, I wish I had something to DO right now" -- and you can go see the hotties at VC to get you some action.


What are the teams?

There are many. A quick guide can be found under "Teams" in the Volunteer tab

How does the Wave Realease thing work?

In order to help ensure critical teams get critical shifts filled, signups for volunteer teams will be released on waves based on the amount of shifts signed up for in the previous wave. This means that not all teams will be available to sign up for on volunteer system opening day.

Wave 1 will be open on ticket round 2 sales day and will include teams who traditionally have a hard time getting shifts filled and/or which are critical to burn functioning at a base level. Wave 1 teams will include:

FRT, City Planning, DPW, Gate, Parking, Traffic, DMT, Rangers, Effigy / Temple / Lake burn build (once they are selected)

Wave 2 will be opened once Wave 1 teams collectively have 80% of their shifts filled. Wave 2 teams are teams that don't have quite as hard a time getting staffed and/or are performing roles that would have a significant negative impact on the burn if shifts aren't staffed. Wave 2 teams will include:

LNT, GTFIO, Greeters, Logistics, Moonshiners, Sanctuary, First Aid, Inventory, Creativity/Art

Wave 3 will be opened once Wave 2 teams are at about 50% full collectively. This final wave includes teams that always fill up super fast and/or will be ok if a couple shifts aren't fully staffed. Often these teams are easier for VC to round up volunteers for on site. Wave 3 teams include:

11th Principle, Freeze Your Burn, Conclave, VC, Drummers, Communications, Radio, TITS, Signage, Tow Team