Imago Dei MCC Board of Stewards
January 25, 2017 Minutes

Meeting started at 7:00 PM

Motion from Dean Beckett to elect Board of Stewards members to designated roles:
Jim Day—Vice Moderator
Victoria Martin-Nelson—Clerk
Dean Beckett—Treasurer
Pastor Dexter—Moderator
This motion was seconded by Victoria Martin-Nelson and unanimously confirmed.

Board Business

Pastor Dexter to recognize the 2017 Board of Stewards at Sunday worship on February 5

How will the Board of Stewards handle the open fifth position on the board, which is primarily handling building and property? Do we need a board position designated as a site search coordinator?

Dean Beckett stated that he felt the board is functional with four members.

Victoria Martin-Nelson stated we could post an open call to the congregation that we are seeking a final board member.

Pastor Dexter brought up putting out word that we are specifically looking for a “Sight Search” coordinator.

Dean Beckett moved to announce an open call for appointing a Board Member focusing on Building and Property & serving as a site search liaison.
This motion was seconded by Victoria Martin-Nelson and unanimously confirmed.

Pastor Dexter intends to increase the visibility of Imago Dei in the larger community through outreach to other LGBTQ communities and communities of faith in 2017. Our priorities should be on effective communication—externally to our community, and internally to be accountable to our congregation.

It was discussed that members of the Board of Stewards should reach out to likeminded members of the congregation to assist us with our goals for the coming year.

The worship team is looking to adjust the worship responsibilities put on co-leaders. The Board of Stewards is being asked to take responsibility for the Stewardship Moment on a rotating basis during Sunday Service. This would typically be the member of the Board who is also counting offering that Sunday. The steward in this position would submit their Stewardship Moment message to Jim for inclusion in the Image.

The goal of our next meeting is to return with SMART Goals pertaining to the objectives in our specific areas, and to take initial action on our areas of responsibility. We will decide which members of the congregation we will reach out to for additional support.

Jim Day will be responsible for the devotional reading at our next meeting.

Meeting conclusion at 8:45 PM