About us

World Heart Beat Music Academy is a charity, established by Sahana Gero. We are not funded by the council and are not part of statutory education. Our small team works tirelessly around the clock to provide opportunities for all students with a passion to learn music, regardless of their background. We aim to connect children and young people to the power of music beyond just playing an instrument, providing roots for them to go on to have fully rewarding and successful careers in all forms of the creative industries or whichever field they may choose.

Funding is extremely difficult but we strive to keep costs as low as we can without compromising quality. From time to time we have special projects for which bursaries may be available on application.

Our Values

  • An enduring passion to release talent and transform young lives through music
  • A strong commitment to musical excellence and diversity
  • Unique devotion of our world class musicians to passing on their art to young students
  • A non-exclusive, non-elitist admission philosophy which reduces financial barriers
  • Freshness, youthfulness and innovation in a joyful and vibrant teaching environment
  • Dedication to providing opportunities for lifelong fulfilment
  • A warm embrace of people, cultures and music that transcends borders

Our fees

The majority of our classes follow the pricing structure below, however some projects do have unique fees.

Group trial lesson

Individual trial lesson

Group classes

Joint lessons

Individual lessons (30 mins)

Individual lessons (1 hour)







Our lessons are charged per term, which is 10 weeks.

If you register after term begins, you will be charged for the remaining lessons in the term, minus the trial fee. All continuing students are charged for the full term, which must be paid before term starts.

How does the term work?

Our teachers are working musicians and occasionally have concerts or recording sessions come up during term time. These sessions are made up at the end of term. On rare occasions where the full 10 lessons cannot be taught, we timetable extra lessons for the following term if possible, or give credit towards the following term. Sometimes, in order to keep consistency, a suitable cover teacher may be found.

Term dates for all classes can be found on our website at www.worldheartbeat.org/student. Please check back regularly to ensure that you have the correct dates as they may change throughout the term.

Due to the nature of our timetable, if students miss classes, we are not able to offer catch up classes or refunds.

Discontinuing lessons with us

Once you have registered for one of our programmes we assume that you will continue until you inform us otherwise, there is no need to register every term.

We require at least 1 month notice prior to discontinuing lessons with us. This also applies if you are registered for different classes and still wish to continue with some of them (ie. Jazz, Flute and Guitar, but no longer able to attend Guitar lessons) . Please use the cancellation form on our website at www.worldheartbeat.org/student. On occasion we may need to change the timing of lessons to fit the timetable. If you are unable to continue due to us altering the time, 1 month notice does not need to be given.

Payment methods

We send email invoices, which you should receive from the email address: quickbooks@notification.intuit.com

Please ensure that you update your contact details with us should these change.

Invoices can be paid by:

  • Cheque - made payable to World Heart Beat Music Academy
  • Cash - you will receive a receipt for cash payments
  • Bank transfer - the bank details can be found on the invoice

We are not able to take card payments in the Academy at the moment.

Instrument loan

We keep a range of instruments in stock to be loaned to our students while they are learning with us. This is free of charge.

If you would like to loan one of our instruments we expect you to agree to:

  • Make sure your child practises as the teacher advises and attends lessons regularly.
  • Make sure the instrument and the case provided is well cared for and kept safe.
  • Make sure the instrument is ready to be played before each lesson.
  • Pay the full replacement or repair cost if the instrument and/or case is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Return the instrument immediately if your child stops lessons.

Many of our instruments have similar cases, so please add a removable name label, keyring or ribbon to the case so your child can identify which case belongs to them.

We also have a selection of reeds (for saxophone and clarinet) and violin strings. If your child needs to replace a reed or violin string, please ensure they arrive early for their lesson and bring £3.50 to cover the cost of a replacement.

If you need to repair an instrument, here are a few recommendations:

Northcote Music Shop

155C Northcote Rd, Battersea, London SW11 6QB

020 7228 0074

Top Wind

2 Lower Marsh, Lambeth, London SE1 7RJ

020 7401 8787

Just Flutes

46 S End, Croydon CR0 1DP

020 8662 8400

Grade Exams

We can enter students for Trinity and ABRSM grade exams when their teachers feel that they are ready. If you would prefer to book the exam yourself, please note that we will not be responsible for finding a pianist to accompany the student during the exam.

We charge an additional fee of £45 for the exam. This covers a practice with the pianist before the exam, a warm up on the day, the pianist’s time on the day and our administration costs for the exam.

Students will only be entered for exams after full payment has been received.

General Information

Unfortunately, we do not have a large waiting area for parents to wait for their children, there is limited seating available in the entrance hall or around the office area.

We prefer for children to take their shoes off when they can to help keep the Academy clean, however we do appreciate that this is not always practical if it is cold or particularly busy.

There is limited parking outside the Academy after 5:30pm and parking in Burr Road is free after 4:30pm and at weekends.

We strive to provide our students with a range of opportunities beyond just learning an instrument, such as concerts, the radio show and Arts Award, and we ask that students do take advantage of these extra opportunities.

We hope that members of the family will become involved with the fantastic community we have at World Heart Beat. We have volunteering opportunities such as helping at concerts, promoting our posts by sharing on social media, or simply by inviting friends to our events and classes. If you are able to help, it is very much appreciated.

Our team

Sahana Gero - Founder & Artistic Director


James Gero - Executive Director


Ruth Guven - Book Keeper (Part-time)

Contact for invoicing queries


Tamsin Sinclair - Administration & Marketing (11am-7pm Monday-Friday)

Contact for timetabling & registration queries


07706 585 751

Elena Rouhen - Radio Producer and Arts Award leader (Part-time)

Contact for radio show queries


Office telephone(Monday-Saturday): 0208 870 3042