Hub Coach:  Sally

My Being highlights

My Communities highlights

My Learning highlights

For my physical aspect in my being I have been getting fitter and eating healthier because of junk free june and I am continuing it because it’s good for me and I feel better about myself when doing it.

For my spiritual/life goals in my being I have improved  my skills and knowledge of becoming a graphic/web designer and I have become more of a leader which is good if I want to run my own business.

My social well being is fine and I don’t have any problems with bullying or my friends ditching me, my friends are actually really supportive of me.

The last part of “Hauora” or “My Being” is  my emotional side and I am usually really happy and not much gets me down but there are some days where I wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

Whanaungatanga means working with other to make a difference and I have been doing this in P.E because we were learning about interpersonal skills and how to use them in, not only sports but in group activities and class work. Some of the things we have learnt is about feedback and feedforward and how it’s okay to correct people in a positive way but also encouraging them by say what they have been doing well. Another thing is if a conflict ever occurs that we can come up with a solution with the interpersonal skills and stop the conflict before it has a chance to escalate.

In  terms of Manaakitanga, aspects such as caring for others, honesty and integrity are important. I have shown Manaakitanga by when my friends in Baffin are getting a bit messy I say to them that it’s not that hard to put your rubbish in the bin. Some of my friends have not totally respected the environment. Maybe a goal could be to help others,  eg coaching/teaching younger students from the primary or involving myself with Arohanui etc...

I have shown connections with Whenua by when I get out and help with the planter box and home a moving the schreyer into the planter box.

A module that I have really enjoyed learning in has been Portrait, Perspective and Patterns because it's got to do with art and the different art techniques to create portraits and other pieces of art. I have expanded my art knowledge in a fun but thorough  way.

When I created my first portrait with the traditional method of pencil and paper I got feedback that said that “I can show a range of different portrait techniques and I have shown a increased understanding of proportion and the fractions of the face. I have been looking and recording accurately and with a beautiful quality of line”.

Other feedback given to me by teachers includes, linking ideas, taking time to refine, transferring learning.

I am sitting predominantly at Relational and Extended Abstract levels, this means I am linking ideas and also transferring beyond the current context. So my next steps are to continue to shift to level 5 of the curriculum and up to level 6 in some areas.

Hobsonville Habits

For “My Being” my habit was to be more reflective, this habit means that I look at what I have done in the past and use that in my being and how I act. One situation is I had to reflect what I have done out of school like when I thought about what went well in the 7km run I did and then when it came to the 10km run  remembered the mind set I was in and also I had trained so I got a really good time.  I would like to be more resourceful with my being next semester.

My goal for “My Learning” was reflection as well and I showed this by using skills that I already had and applied them in my class “PPP”. I created a low-poly portrait in photoshop and I also taught other how they could do this, I learnt this skill awhile ago and when we were asked to create a portrait in our own way I thought that it would be a good idea. I have also been reflecting the whole time I have been creating my IEM documents because I have been looking at what I have done and how well I have done and what I could improve.The last thing for “My Learning” was in class we have to reflect back on the solo rubric like in te reo I had to keep looking at the rubric and finding out what I haven’t done well and I ended up getting extended abstract.  For my learning I would like to focus on being more responsive.

My last habit goal is in “My Communities” and the habit is to be more contributive, this means that I need to join in without taking over the situation. I have showed this in my Term 2 big project by giving others advice on how to use photoshop and also if someone is stuck they would just ask for my help and I would help them or just tell them what to do. I would like to continue on being more contributive.

Coach Comment

…., you are a creative and purposeful member of our hub. You have been an asset to big projects at the school this year. This has included you leadership and input to the physical project, where you helped with the photoshop on the display out the front of the school. You have also supported many others across modules and projects with your expertise in photoshop. This will help to support you in following your passion into graphic design. You have also committed yourself to the “get to go” group, taking your passion for activity and adventure and putting it into action. You are a purposeful learner who is consistently working at Level 5 of the curriculum. I look forward to supporting your on-going learning and development here at Hobsonville Point Secondary School.

Where to next?



My Goals

What will success of this goal look like?

What support / strategies do I need to meet this learning goal?

My Being:


Finding ways to solve conflict between friends. To work with others in class and step outside my comfort zone, to work with others that I would not normally work with.

i     I will help to resolve conflict, a more settled friendship group. dealing with issues when they occur and working with others.

…. needs to action all these. It is down to him to be proactive.

My Communities:


More contributive, primary, Arohanui community, big projects.

Working well in big projects, with Pete on making a documentary. Evidence, impacting on others building relationships.

Sally, for Arohanui. helping at primary, Pete to support with projects.

My Learning:


Responsive in my learning, in groups thinking about others, feedback teachers give, acting on it.

Start working higher curriculum level, also SOLO. Sebastian to set goals on these.

Teachers, myself being proactive feedback etc… Using feedback to move forward with learning.