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Patient Centric healthcare by 2020

Dr.M Hope Softwares has already started its journey towards creating a paperless and connected healthcare entities will flow seamlessly, eradicating a need of maintaining paper records. We have taken up this responsibility to maintain an eco friendly healthcare system.

The focal point is the patient and all healthcare entities connected to deliver a seamless care. Hospitals, clinicians, patients, pharmacies, laboratories, radiology and all other healthcare organizations will be able to exchange patient ’s data anywhere and anytime.

As a Dr.M Hope Softwares customer, you can expect:

Appendages of Dr.M

Custom Business System Development 

Dr. M customizes current business system to deliver innovative solutions to your business processes.

Our patented innovations include

1.Implementation of cloud based SaaS applications to enterprises.

2.Using innovative HL7 bidirectional interfaces between solutions of various vendors for an enterprises.

3. Integrating high risk equipment into the solution for error free capturing of data.

4. High end accounting information system as a part of Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

5. Custom Materials management Information system (MMIS)

6. Business Analytics (BA) involving  continuous exploration and investigation of past business performance to gain insight and drive business planning.

7. Big Data solution resolves challenges  in analysis, capture and search in large data sets in the field of  business informatics

SaaS-based Work Management System

Gives ability to conduct and manage the day to day operations of your departments, its functions and processes using benefits of SaaS.

Our patented innovations include;

The workflow management includes;

Accreditation ready quality Management system

Gives you the ability to identify, standardize, control and manage quality processes.

Accreditation Ready solutions for;

Software tailored to your organisation

Dr.M Hope Softwares provides a turnkey robust software: fast, robust and easy to use.

We offer an extensive range of products to manage every aspect of your healthcare network.

Dr.M products conform to HL7, DICOM, CCHIT, HIPAA, DRG/CPT Codes & ICD 10  standards.

Hospital Information System (HIS)

Dr.M HIS is a comprehensive solution that automates the clinical, administrative and supply-chain functions and enables the healthcare providers to improve their operational effectiveness, consequently reducing costs and medical errors, while enhancing quality of care. Its robust functionality covers patient care, clinical systems, billing, and administration, supply chain modules and business intelligence. Whether it is a large hospital, small sized hospital, or a nursing home, Dr.M HIS is the perfect solution.

Electronic Medical Records  (EMR)

 Dr.M EMR is a web-based clinical solution for any healthcare setting combining clinical patient records with labs, prescription writing, procedures, and much more. It is a powerful tool that supports drug allergy and interaction check, ICD 10, CPT & DRG coding, and diagnosis based recommendations. It streamlines the workflow from front office, medical office to back office. By utilizing our EMR solution, healthcare providers can focus more on patient care rather than documentation.

Pharmacy Information System  (PIS)

Dr.M PIS is an end-to-end software solution for pharmacies from their warehouse to retails stores. Our PIS solution delivers breadth and depth of functionality demanded by chain of pharmacies. It is an integrated solution, combining Pharmacies Warehouse Management, Ordering and Purchasing, Accounts, Distributors, Enterprise Reporting, and Communication modules all rolled into one. This seamless integration of the application let retailers place their orders, which automatically synchronizes and brings the order into the distribution software. Similarly, invoices from distributors can be automatically updated in the retail software, thru our other services.

Laboratory Information System  (LIS)

Dr.M LIS is a powerful clinical Laboratory Information System featuring a built in interface engine for seamless integration with HIS, Billing, EMR, and reference labs. All historical results are stored for instant viewing and a single screen is utilized for accessioning, coding, and reporting of results. It is a highly configurable application which is customized to facilitate a wide variety of laboratory workflow models.

Radiology Information System (RIS)

Streamlining radiology workflow, supporting radiologist productivity, quickening patient report turnaround time, and expediting reimbursement are some of the challenges faced by healthcare providers. Dr.M RIS manages workflow and creates operational efficiencies for imaging centers. Built on a unified platform to deliver work-flow, dependability, and data distribution to its maximum potential.

Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) PACS interface enables images such as x-rays and scans to be stored electronically and viewed on screens, creating a near filmless process and improved diagnosis methods. Doctors and other health professionals can access and compare images at the touch of a button.

About Dr.M Hope Softwares

Dr.M Hope Softwares is a specialized healthcare IT Company providing state-of-the-art Hospital Information System solution.In USA, it is ONC 2014 certified for Meaningful Use Incentives 2014 for both Ambulatory and Inpatient.  Since its inception in 2008, Dr.M Hope Softwares has become industry leader for offering comprehensive and cost effective healthcare software solutions by automating needs of clinical, non clinical, administrative and financial areas in paperless environment. Software applications have been designed to make full use of its underlying technologies in order to provide access to patient information in way never before possible. Our solutions help connecting various healthcare entities including hospitals, medical colleges, clinics, chain of pharmacies, laboratories,Radiology centers and dialysis centers.

Achievement Highlights

100% retention in all hospitals

Over the past decade Dr.M solutions have been implemented in over 150+ hospitals in India and overseas. Some renowned healthcare groups using DrM solutions are

The preferred choice of many healthcare organisations

Dr.M Hope Softwares was founded with the objective of creating an efficient, ethical, and affordable software solution that can be successfully utilized by healthcare professionals. We adopt a “ patient centric ” approach to healthcare, which means that patient needs always come first. Major Groups of Hospitals have chosen our solutions to automate their hospital operations and have profited from their association with us resulting in increased revenues and improved efficiency. The strength of any company can be determined by its profile. Here ’ s a list of some of renowned groups that are or had utilized our software solutions.

Dr.M’s ERP solutions enable you to improve organization effectiveness and quality of work. Breadth of functionality, robustness, speed, and usability has enhanced the solution to better meet today's healthcare challenges.

Improve Hospital, Clinical and Financial Performance

Healthcare organizations are challenged daily by the need to manage and integrate clinical, financial and operational information. As this need grows and evolves, you require a hospital information system ( HIS ) that can keep pace.

Software Solution for Various Healthcare Organizations

Our solutions are designed to meet requirements of healthcare organizations ranging from multi-entity organizations to the small and mid-size hospital, from General/ Multi specialty Hospital, Multi site Clinics/Pharmacy to Single Specialty Tertiary care Hospitals.

Ease of Use and Customization

Our extensive experience in creating software solutions for hospitals, have equipped us with knowledge and expertise to produce results for you quickly. Custom software can assist your organization in these areas:

Connected Services Gateway Reference Design

Dr.M Hope Softwares can provide what you need today and the scalable systems and support services necessary for future expansion.

Connecting vendors and doctors together

Benefits of Dr.M Solutions


Patient Care

Appointments Management

Patient Billing, Settlements & Tracking

Materials Management

Drug Stores & Pharmacy Management

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services

Resource / Ancillary Services Management

Finance Management

Key Benefits