Theme Camp Application FAQs

Can I bring my vehicle, RV, mutant vehicle, bus, etc to Transformus?

MAYBE! Check out the Mysteria > Vehicles menu for all the info you need about vehicles.

Can I save the application form and finish it later?

No - The form has to be completed in one go. However, we’ve provided the questions for you in a separate document under the Mysteria > Theme Camps tab on the Transformus website, so you can gather all your information in advance and then fill out the form more smoothly.

What exactly is Preferred Theme Camp Placement? What happens if I don’t get our camp’s registration submitted before the April 20th deadline?

The sooner you have your registration in, the sooner we will have the placement map set for this year. Basically, “preferred theme camp placement” means that the sooner you submit the registration form, the more likely it is that your camp will end up in the neighborhood/location of your choosing (though, as always, there are no guarantees!) If you can’t get the reg form completed by the preferred placement deadline, you still have until April 27th to submit the form, though the sooner it’s in, the sooner we can figure out where you’ll be resting your pretty li’l head in July!

I’m not yet sure how many people will be part of our Theme Camp -- can I change this answer later?

Short answer is yes...but please try to be as accurate as possible the first time round! The Theme Camp Application will now be split into two forms, one being the main application as normal, the second form will be followed up at a later date to collect the more detailed information that TCOs might not be able to predict months in advance. The follow-up application will be sent to TCOs at a later date and will include areas to update any information that has changed. If all else fails, you can always get a portion of your application updated by contacting the Department of City Planning team directly, through!

How can I figure out how much space our camp will need?

Here is a good formula to estimate how much square footage you will need for your private camping space:  

Number of campers

x 81 square feet =

Estimated square footage for private space of Theme Camp

This estimate assumes an average 9’ x 9’ area for each camper. You may wish to survey your campers on how large their actual tents are, and then add a foot to each side to allow for guylines and pathways.

(Note: This formula does not help you calculate public space needs. That is determinate on what your camp is bringing.) Don’t be greedy -- we are tightly packed!

What about hammock campers? Do I need to include them in our space estimate?

Fortunately, the beautiful forest surrounding Deerfields is full of lovely spots for hammock camping! If your hammock campers do not require any actual cleared ground space (i.e., where a tent could otherwise be placed), do not include them in your space estimates.

When can we expect to know where our camp will be placed?

We should have every theme camp placed by mid-June. Stay tuned for an announcement on the Transformus website!