Moving Forward

& Reaching Out

A Capital Campaign to make the spatial ministry

of North Street Community more welcoming to all

We have been praying for several months about how God is pushing us out beyond ourselves in significant ways. There are many things we’re working on to respond to this divine call. We are believing and hoping that there are people out there in Hingham, Hull, and well beyond that will become a part of our church as we endeavor to further what God is doing through North Street Community Church of the Nazarene. In fact, what we know is that since the beginning of this calendar year, we’ve already seen some incredible people start worshiping with us from the local community. It’s exciting to see God at work in this way!

We’re being called to take things even further. We’re putting ourselves out there in uncomfortable ways...planting seeds that we pray will grow into ministries & lives changed that we haven’t even imagined yet. These endeavors - these acts of faith will make us uncomfortable and stretch us in ways that are not familiar to our church community. Can you feel it already? God is faithful and with us in everything. God does not faint or grow weary!

What you are holding is an invitation to make a major first step in what our church is doing. The North Street Church Board is asking our church community to raise $25,000 to complete a number of projects to renovate and update major portions of our chapel as we seek to make it more conducive to ministry in Hingham. In February, 2016, a frozen hose burst and water severely damaged our kitchen, church office, and some parts of our shelter space. While insurance has given us a good amount of funds to put these areas back to what they were, we are going well above and beyond by dreaming bigger in what we want to do with these spaces. We’re taking that which might be seen as an annoyance and a hindrance and turning it into an opportunity! In short, these funds - on top of the insurance claim - will help in these ways:

We are asking for pledges today to be given in the next two months by September 18th. Please pray about how God would use you to help us accomplish this goal. There is much to come, but this is a first major step for us as we move forward by reaching out.

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