Event Overview

The Forge is an open build Hackathon in which you can work on anything your heart desires. We will provide as much support as we can muster in the form of people, calories and tools to enable or assist your project. This event is intended to create an environment of learning, collaboration and building above all. The following are a few rules and guidelines to help maintain this environment.


1. A teams project doesn’t have to be brand new but members MUST explicitly state what was built DURING the Hackathon. If we find out or strongly suspect a prior build trying to pass as a new build, the team will be disqualified from winning any prizes and it will not do anything productive for the reputation of the members. The world is smaller than it seems.

2. Teams may use any coding language desired. Bringing your own tools is welcomed and encouraged but must be used in a way that does not compromise the safety of others.

3. If you cease to function like a decent human being, (fighting, harassing others without consent, etc.) you may be asked to leave.

4. Teams may only contain a maximum of 5 members.


1. Judging by its nature is subjective. Judges will be picking their favorites based on their own opinion of the following: Creativity, Project Management, and Difficulty.

2. Teams will present their work expo style at tables for everyone to see. Judges will walk to each team and evaluate projects via poking and prodding with questions.

3. A build can win both Peer Choice and Judges choice 1st or 2nd


1. Build something you care about.

2. Don’t try to save the world (build too many features) in 24 hours.

3. This is the perfect place to fail and try new things

4. We’ve found the best builds have diversity of roles and talent behind them

5. It’s ok to get some sleep

6. Start a conversation with the company engineers

7. Ask for help

8. Use your resources