There are anonymous bloggers, podcasters, and guests on this site.  Therefore, if you know any of us, we ask only one thing from you; please do not reveal our identity.  Here, we feel we can talk openly, candidly, and without restraint.  Our anonymity affords us these things — please help us keep this luxury.

Anonymity not only protects us (the individual, the "expressor" i.e., alcoholic, addict, family or friends), it also protects those that know us (family, friends, jobs and organizations) from any repercussions there could be by association alone (for whatever reasons there may be).  As well, it protects the recovery group that has brought us to our senses (for whatever length of time it took or for however long we remained); it takes away a potential stigma towards any other recovery organization we've been a part of.

The breaking of anonymity should come only from the individual wishing to openly break their own secrecy, and no one else.

We will do the same for the viewers and commenters, and expect them to treat each other the same; only referring to each other by screen name, for the exact same reasons stated above.  If an individual chooses to share their real name, that is entirely on them, and we're okay with that.  


We believe in self-censorship .  This means that we ask our submitters, hosts, and guests to be aware of our audience.  On the flip side, we ask our readers, listeners, and viewers to be just as understanding towards the authors/podcasters, guests, and other participants.  It's a two way street.

Self-censorship should also include refraining from naming any specific variety of 12-step programs, recovery centers, meeting locations, or other such recovery groups ("Recovery Group").  HOWEVER, if the Recovery Group is a part of your recovery path, we don't expect you to ignore that, and we encourage you to talk about your path, but be careful mentioning names or places that can identify the Recovery Group or persons included in said Recovery Group.


To mention and talk about our recovery for what it is, is okay.  To promote or suggest that it (your path or your Recovery Group) is the way to go is not okay.  Please be careful and respectful of the rules, regulations, and traditions of the said Recovery Groups to which one belongs, for their sake, their safety, and their anonymity.



Sexual harassment and vulgarities, hate-talk, intolerance and derogatory comments towards race, sex, or creed, and any other common sense "no-no's" will simply not be tolerated.  This includes inappropriate topic-shifts, discussions, or redirects to any such offensive sites, as well as advertising or spamming in comments.

We also wants to make it clear that what the authors, podcasters, artists, and guests or participants (collectively, “Participants”) write, say, or create does not necessarily reflect the beliefs, concerns, or opinions of Drunkless or the other Participants. We also reserve the right to change our minds, whether many years in the future, or mere seconds after we've posted/stated it. Each Participants is responsible for their own beliefs, concerns, and opinions, period. However, we reserve the right to remove any content that we feel goes against our basic guidelines solely in our discretion.

Please review our Terms of Service for more detail.

Drunkless is intended to be a positive and safe place for people to come and work on self-improvement; to express themselves and share their experience, good and bad, provide strength and hope to those that are hurt, lost, and confused.  Please remember that and be respectful.