Overwatch 6v6

Standard Ruleset (v.S2017 - MomoCon 2017)


  1. Prizes
  2. Roster Rules
  1. Roster Requirements
  2. Substitutions
  1. Tournament Structure
  1. Schedule
  2. Phase Details
  3. Swiss
  1. Format
  2. Tie Breakers
  1. Playoff
  1. Format
  1. Match Process
  1. Role of Administrators
  2. Responsibilities
  3. Finalities of Judgments
  4. Pre-Match Setup
  5. Timeliness of Match Start
  6. Game Lobby Creation
  7. Game Setup
  8. Start of Pick/Ban Process
  9. General Settings
  10. Pick/Ban Rules & Hero Selection
  11. Hero Availability
  1. Game Rules
  1. Game of Record
  2. Stoppage of Play
  3. Player Pause
  4. Game Restart
  5. Restarts Before GOR
  6. Restarts After GOR
  7. Post-Game Process
  8. Results
  9. Break Time
  10. Results of Forfeiture
  11. Screenshot
  12. Next Match
  1. Player Conduct
  1. Competition Conduct
  2. Unfair Play
  1. Collusion
  2. Hacking
  3. Exploiting
  4. Spectator Monitor
  5. Ringing
  6. Cheating Device
  7. Event Discretion
  1. Overall Player Conduct
  2. Penalties
  3. Verbal Warnings
  4. Loss of Ban
  5. Game Forfeiture(s)
  6. Match Forfeiture(s)
  7. Disqualification(s)
  1. Spirit of Rules
  1. Finality of Decisions
  2. Rule Changes

  1. Prizes

Top 3 teams receive the following:

Blue Mic has provided:

  1. Roster Rules

  1. Roster Requirements

Each team is required to have six players in the starting lineup and up to two substitute players prior to the start of the start of the tournament. No changes to the roster are allowed once the tournament begins. If a player has to leave due to personal/health reasons, Free Agents will be allowed to join on a case-by-case basis after initially contacting an Admin.

  1. Substitutions

Substitutions must be declared to the head admin before the start of the next game. No substitutions may occur during games. If the roster must change due to emergencies, Admins and tournament officials may elect to allow temporary substitutions on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Tournament Structure

  1. Schedule

Saturday will complete the Swiss portion of the tournament. The Final Bracket will commence and conclude on Sunday, but may begin on Saturday if time permits.

  1. Phase Details

  1. Swiss

  1. Format

Teams will compete in five (5) rounds during the Swiss phase. The first round will have teams paired against a random opponent. In following rounds, teams will be matched against an opponent with a similar record, seeded accordingly. There is no specific point from which a team is eliminated from the tournament. Teams may choose at any time after a game to remove themselves from the tournament. The top 8 teams at the end of all rounds will move on to the Finals: Playoff Double Elimination bracket.

EXCEPTION: Note that the final number of Rounds is subject to change, depending on the final number of Teams participating. This also applies to the Final Bracket.

  1. Tie Breakers

Ties will be broken using the Median-Buchholz system. Each team will have a raw score (one point for a win and half a point for a draw). The tie-breaker score will be calculated by summing all opponents raw score, discarding the lowest and highest raw scores. If a team drops out, their score will be discarded as it will be the lowest score of the opponents.

  1. Playoff

  1. Format

The top 8 teams from the Swiss bracket will compete in a Double Elimination bracket. Seeding will be based on record and rank at the end of the Swiss tournament. In the playoffs, teams will play Double Elimination (Best of Three).
The Finals will commence with a Best of
Three (3) alongside the Third-place Match.

EXCEPTION: Note that the final number of teams proceeding to the Final Bracket is subject to change, depending on the final number of teams participating.

  1. Match Process

  1. Role of Administrators

  1. Responsibilities

Administrators are officials who are responsible for making judgments on game-related issue, questions, and other situations which occur before, during, and immediately following match play. Their oversight includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Announcing the beginning of a round
  2. Ordering pause/resume during play
  3. Issuing penalties in response to a rules violation during the game
  4. Confirming the end of the match and its results
  5. Deciding the results in the event of foul play

  1. Finalities of Judgments

If an administrator makes an incorrect judgment during a match, the judgment cannot be reversed, as the decision of the administrator is absolute and final and there is no appeal process. Players are free to ask the Admins (there will be up to two (2) Admins during this tournament) to make a consensus decision, if they feel that a single Admin's decision may carry risk. Admins retain the right to refuse that option if needed.

  1. Pre-Match Setup

  1. Timeliness of Match Start

To ensure rounds continue at a reasonable pace and so the tournament ends in a timely manner, it is expected that a match will begin at most fifteen (15) minutes after the announcement of a round starting. If a match has not begun by that time, the waiting team (if any) will notify an Admin, who will search for the missing team. If the missing team is not found after the period of time listed above, the Team(s) that is not ready will forfeit that game. For example, if a round is posted and announced at 10:00 pm, every match should attempt to begin before 10:15 pm. Any issues that may arise should be announced to an Admin or tournament official as needed.

  1. Game Lobby Creation

The tournament draft game lobby will be created by the higher seeded team and be named <TEAM 1 NAME> vs. <TEAM 2 NAME>, where TEAM 1 NAME and TEAM 2 NAME are the respective team names. If help is needed in creating a game lobby, talk to an Admin.

  1. Game Setup

  1. Start of Pick/Ban Process

Once all players (and any official spectators if needed) are in the game lobby and both Team Captains confirm that they are ready, the lobby owner may start the game.

  1. General Settings

The game will be created using the following custom game settings:
Map: Announced before every Round by Admin(s)

Team Size: 6

Allow Spectators: N/A

Game Type/Settings: Default

  1. Pick/Ban Rules & Hero Restrictions

  1. Hero Availability


All Heroes that are currently available in Ranked Play will be allowed. If a Hero has been disabled in Ranked Play, that Hero will not be allowed  for use in the tournament.

  1. Game Rules

  1. Game of Record (GOR)

Game of Record is established when one of the following events occurs:

  1. Any attack or ability is landed on any opponent’s Hero.
  2. The objective is actively pursued by any player. For example, capturing the objective, escorting a payload.
  1. EXCEPTION: GOR is not established by Defending players during a Capture-the-Point objective.
  1. Game timer reaches one minute (00:01:00).

  1. Stoppage of Play

  1. Player Pause

Players may pause the game for up to 10 minutes. After 10 minutes of pause time has gone by, the game must be resumed with all available players. Pausing beyond this time will be considered unfair play and subject to penalties applied at the discretion of tournament officials.

  1. Game Restart

  1. Restarts Before GOR

If any player’s game settings have not applied correctly between the game lobby and match in a way that cannot be adjusted within the game, then a game may be restarted with the agreement of both teams.

  1. Restarts After GOR

If a game experiences a critical bug at any point during the match which significantly alters game stats or gameplay mechanics, then a game may be restarted. Contact an Admin for further instructions.

  1. Post-Game Process

  1. Results

Winning team will update their match with scores on the bracket. They will also take a screenshot of their end-game screen and upload it to the match attachments on the bracket site as needed.

  1. Break Time

There will be a 10 minute break after a round fully completes. After 10 minutes, the next round will be announced.

  1. Results of Forfeiture

Matches won by forfeit will be reported by the minimum score it would take for one team to win the match. No other statistics will be recorded for forfeited matches.

  1. Screenshot

The winning team of each match should provide a screenshot to the respective bracket site as needed, displaying the result of their match.

  1. Next Match

After all matches are completed in a round, the match for the next round will be posted. Standings will also be updated at the end of a round.

  1. Player Conduct

  1. Competition Conduct

  1. Unfair Play

The following actions will be considered unfair play and will be subject to penalties at the discretion of tournament officials.

  1. Collusion

Collusion is defined as any agreement among two or more players and/or confederates to disadvantage opposing players. Collusions includes, but is not limited to, acts such as:

  1. Soft play
  2. Pre-arranging to split prizes
  3. Sending or receiving signals from a confederate to/from a player
  4. Deliberately losing a game for compensation, or for any other reason, or attempting to induce another player to do so.
  5. Deliberately failing to play in any manner inconsistent with the principles of good sportsmanship, honesty, or fair play.

  1. Hacking

Hacking is defined as any modification of the Overwatch game client or Blizzard App Launcher client by any player, team, or person in a way that provides a distinct advantage to oneself or one’s team.

  1. Exploiting

Exploiting is defined as intentionally using any in-game bug to seek an advantage.

  1. Spectator Monitor

Looking at or attempting to look at spectator monitors. This includes having non-players relay spectator information.

  1. Ringing

Playing under another player’s account or soliciting, inducing, encouraging, or directing someone else to play under another player’s account.

  1. Cheating Device

The use of any kind of cheating device and/or cheat program.

This includes assist-scripts, automated AI, and other systems not

provided by the game.

  1. Event Discretion

Any other act, failure to act, or behavior which, in the sole judgment of officials, violates these rules and/or the standards of integrity established by officials for competitive gameplay.

  1. Overall Player Conduct

Be nice! No insults, hate speech, or abuse will be tolerated.

  1. Penalties

Upon discovery of any team member committing any violations of the rules listed above, officials may issue the following penalties:

  1. Verbal Warnings

  2. Loss of Ban

  3. Game Forfeiture(s)

  4. Match Forfeiture(s)

  5. Disqualification(s)

  1. Spirit of Rules

  1. Finality of Decisions

All decisions regarding the interpretation of these rules of the tournament lie solely with the tournament administrators, the decisions of which are final. The decisions cannot be appealed.

  1. Rule Changes

These rules may be amended, modified, or supplemented by the administration at any time or place in order to ensure fair play and the integrity of the tournament.

If any issues are found within these guidelines that impact competitive performance or tournament integrity, contact an Admin immediately.