The website is equipped with some great video tutorials that can help families with some of the most commonly asked questions. Follow this link:  or you can go to, sign in, click on My Account then select My Tutorials. Use the sidebar PLAYLIST and scroll through the various topics that are covered.

Also be sure to check out the Parent Education menu under the Parents tab on the homepage of the website. There is a lot of useful and step-by-step information provided there as well. It is particularly great for families who are new to swimming.

General Questions:

How do I register for Condors?

  2. Click on the Competitive Team Registration button to the right of the scrolling pictures.

How do I login to access my account?

When you visit, on the upper left hand side of the webpage, you will see an option to “Sign in”. Enter your username and password and click the Sign in button. If this is your first time visiting and you have not yet registered, please follow the instructions located under the “How do I register for Condors?” question.

I am not receiving text messages. Why not and how can I fix this?

In order to receive text (sms) messages your cell phone number needs to be verified in the system. You can use this link to watch a video on it: 

Or you can follow these steps:

1. log in to the website

2. click on my account menu

3. click on my account submenu

4. click on account tab

5. put your cell # into the sms field

6. select your carrier

7. click save

8. go back to the account tab

9. you will see a yellow button over your cell # to verify - click on it

10. wait for verification code to come to your cell (only 10 seconds or so)

11. enter the verification # in the empty box

How do I know when my swimmer’s group practices, and where they are located?

Each pool posts its own calendar under its drop down menu. Make sure to stay up to date on your pool’s google calendar. On our website, you will be able to sync it to your personal calendar by using the +GoogleCalendar button at the bottom right corner. It should then add that calendar to your personal calendar on your phone for ease of use. Please let your site Head Coach know if you are having issues getting it to sync properly.

I dropped my swimmer off at the pool, but they did not have practice.  Why didn’t they have practice when it was a normal practice day?

Stay up to date on your pool’s google calendar. On our website, make sure you sync it to your personal calendar by using the +GoogleCalendar button at the bottom right corner. Sometimes there are scheduled days that there is no practice scheduled due to holidays or school schedules.

Have you checked your emails? If there is a last minute issue at your pool you will be sent an email and a text message. Is you account information up to date so that you are getting these updates? You will want to make sure that you have “verified” all of the email addresses and cell phone numbers associated with your account. Contact information that has not been verified will not receive email or text message communications.

Both Felix Festa and WCC must close for 30 minutes after a thunderstorm ends. Is there a storm in the area? If a practice is cancelled to continuing electrical storm activity, an email and text message will be sent from the facility by a coach on deck. Again, if your information is not verified you could be missing these important messages.

When is the best time to talk to my swimmer’s lead coach?

Before or After practice is the best time to speak to a coach. Please try not to interrupt a coach while they are coaching. Your swimmer needs our attention. If you are having trouble catching your coach before or after practice on the pool deck please email them so that you may set up a time to meet.

I have suddenly stopped receiving emails from the Condors, what do I do?

You can always send an email to or the head coach of your site, but before doing that, you can try the following steps:

Thank you for reaching out to TeamUnify today, I am glad to help! The reason that the user was not receiving our emails was that the user’s email service provider marked our email as spam.

When that happens our system can detect it and will suppress the email address, preventing the system from attempting to send to that address again. We unsuppressed the email and they should receive our communications again.

When an email is being sent from the TeamUnify website, the Sender is actually " " , and the reply will go to the login email of the admin that sent the email.

If your members are still not receiving or seeing the emails, please have them do the following:

1. Login to their email host's interface, such as, rather than checking an email program like Outlook. Then do the following:

2. Add to their contacts.

3. Check their spam/junk folder for any team emails and mark them as "not spam" if they find any there.

How do I use the ON DECK Parent app?  you will need the team alias of mrcs to log into the app. Use sidebar PLAYLIST. Click on ON DECK 101.

How do I add a cell phone number to receive text messages? Use the side bar PLAYLIST. Click how to verify my email/SMS and watch the video.

Swim Meets:

How do I enter into events? Use sidebar PLAYLIST. Click Meet Sign up 101 watch video.

I’m a newly registered swimmer. How do I register for meets that have had the entry deadline has already passed?

Email your site head coach.

All Felix Festa or 


All Mark Twain 

I am a new swimmer without entry times. The meet information states I must have entry times (No NT allowed). Can I enter this meet?

Please do! Err on the side of entering a meet. Your coaches will make adjustments to your entries for what is appropriate for you. If you do not enter a meet they will assume that you can not attend.

How can I see what session/s my swimmer is swimming in and what events they are signed up for?

The best way to determine what session your athlete is swimming in is to use either the Meet Prep Packet or the Host Information Packet, both of which can be found on the meet information page.

There are 2 ways to get to the meet information page;

  1. From the home page of the website, scroll down the the bottom, find the Event box, find the event you are looking for and click on the name of that event.
  2. At the top of any website page there is a menu. Find the Meet/Events menu, click on it, scroll down to find the event you are looking for and click on the name of that event.

On the events information page you should always find, at minimum, these 3 pieces of information:

The meet information packet will show the details of each event for each session. Find the session where you see your swimmer’s age group and that will be the session they are swimming in. The information in this packet is a little spread out and is not universally the same for every meet that we attend.

The meet preparation (prep) packet will take all of the information from the meet information packet and put it on a one-page, easy-to-read, document that shows the specifics of each session; what age groups are swimming, what time to arrive, what time the meet starts and even what suit/cap/tshirt the athlete should be wearing.

The team entries (followed by date) is a detailed list, in alphabetical order, of what events each swimmer is entered in for the meet. The date is the date that the coach updated this document.

How do I know when my swimmer should arrive at a swim meet?

Check the Swim Meets page on our website click on the Meet Prep Packet link for the meet in question

What do I do if my swimmer’s events are not correct, or if I do not see my swimmer entered?

Email your site head coach ASAP

All Felix Festa or 


All Mark Twain 

Who decides my swimmers events for swim meets? Can they scratch an event that they do not want to swim?

We ask that when registering for a meet the swimmer is the one choosing the events that they want to swim upon opt in. Once your swimmer has committed to attend a meet, their coaches will review those choices and make any changes they feel are needed. If your swimmer has a question about approved entries they need to speak with their coaches as soon as possible so that they will not have the need to scratch an event at the meet.

How do I know if my swimmer is eligible to swim in this event?

Check the meet information posted on the events page. - at the bottom of the page see the Events box - click the more button - Click on the meet name and read the information written about the meet. Then click on the Edit Commitment button and all eligible events will have your time listed in black and ineligible times listed in red. Please err on the side of entering a meet if you are not sure and a coach will be in touch with you if you are not eligible for the meet.

How can I check the results for my swimmer for any given meet? - Swim Team tab - Archived Meet option on the Drop down - Click the link for the meet in question. - find your name and the results for that meet will follow.


If I register after the start of the swim season, will my volunteer requirement be prorated?

Yes, we do prorate volunteer hours based on date of registration, based on the following schedule:

Screenshot 2017-04-26 10.16.59.png

How can I volunteer at events? What events can I volunteer at? Use sidebar PLAYLIST. Click Job Sign Up 101 watch video.

How do I check how many volunteer hours I have?

To check the status of your volunteer hours you will need to go to and sign in to your account. On the left hand side of the screen click on the Invoices/Payments link. Once you are on this screen, click on the tab that is titles Service Hours.

I have multiple swimmers on the team. How do I determine how many hours I have to complete?

Families are only required to fulfill hours for one swimmer. The swimmer who is in the highest training group is the swimmer for which you will need to fulfill hours. For example, you have a swimmer in the Gold Elite group and a swimmer in the Bronze group. Gold Elite is the highest training group for your family, therefore those are the hours you are responsible for.

Can more than one family member volunteer at a meet? Will we receive credit?

Absolutely! Your volunteer account will be credited for the total number of hours worked by each family member. For example if you have 2 family members at a meet signed up to be a lane timer and the session is 4 hours, 8 hours will be credited to your volunteer account.

All of the volunteer spots for the upcoming meet are full (and I need hours), what do I do?

First of all, don’t panic! The Condors host at least 7 swim meets each year; 4 during the short course (25 yard pool) season and 3 during the long course (50 meter pool) season.

Additionally, you can take the following steps:

  1. Check the volunteer sign up page frequently. We have found that people get “volunteer happy” and sign up for a bunch of positions only to discover a few days down the road that they really aren’t available to do those positions. As we get closer to the start of the meet, people will start withdrawing from volunteer spots. We have many situations where a meet looks 100% full of volunteers and then a few days before the meet they start dropping like flies and we have a lot of empty positions. The team administrator will check the volunteer positions as we get closer to the start of the meet and then start sending out emails to families letting them know what positions have become available.                
  2. Check in with the Volunteer Coordinator when you arrive for the meet. Each session of a Condors meet has a Volunteer Coordinator. This is a volunteer who is in charge of all volunteers for that session. This person makes sure that all of the volunteers who have signed up for positions have, in fact, arrived, signed in for their position, and are where they are supposed to be. Hardly a meet goes by when we do not have several NO SHOWS for the volunteer positions. If you check in with the Volunteer Coordinator, and let them know that you are available to help out if there are NO SHOWS, they will find you and let you know what spots have opened up.

My Volunteer Account has a negative balance, meaning that I volunteered more hours than was required. Will these extra hours rollover to next season?

No, we do not roll over “overage” hours from one season to the next.

My Volunteer Account has a negative balance, meaning that I volunteered more hours than was required. Can I donate my extra hours to another family?

The general answer for this question “no.” We have offered this option in the past and it was severely taken advantage of. One option we do offer is that a family can sign up for volunteer hours (the family in need of hours) and a member of another Condors family can do that shift for them. Since the shift was secured under the original family, they will receive the credit. The family actually doing the hours should make sure that they communicate this arrangement to the Volunteer Coordinator on duty so that they can make notes on the sign in sheet.


If I register after the start of the swim season, will my membership dues be prorated?

Yes, any swimmer who is registered after November 1st of the current season will receive  prorated membership dues. The only thing that is not prorated is the USA Swimming registration fee that is dictated by USA Swimming at the start of each year. To approximate the prorated amount of your dues you would take the full year amount and divide it by 11.5 (our program is 11 and a half months) this gives you a monthly amount. Multiply the monthly amount by how many months remain in the season and that is the prorated amount. This amount will be slightly different if there is a sibling discount involved or you select the pay in full option (5% discount) or the 8-month payment plan (5% surcharge).

I am registering for the team after the first of the year, why is pay in full my only option?

For families who start with the team in late August/early September we offer 3 payment plans; pay in full (5% discount on dues), 3-pay (1 payment at registration, 1 on December 1st and the final one on February 1st) and the 8-month installment plan (last payment on April 1st). If you are registering after the first of the year 2 of the 3 payment installments have already been made and there are only 3 installments left on the 8-month plan. Having families pay in full is the only way to ensure that you are not overbilled for membership that you did not use.

While our registration system is great, it does have 1 major flaw, it does not have the ability to perform a proration calculation at the time of registration. This means that when you register you will end up paying for the full year and we will then turn around and issue a refund for the prorated portion of the membership that you did not use.

Here is an example of the calculation for prorating membership dues:

Screenshot 2017-04-26 10.28.04.png

Screenshot 2017-04-26 10.29.08.png

If I have multiple swimmers do I get a discount?

Yes! We love having multiple swimmer families! Each swimmer after the first will receive a discount, and they are as follows: the second swimmer will receive a $400 reduction of their dues; the third swimmer will receive a $600 reduction of their dues; the fourth swimmer will receive an $800 reduction of their dues; the fifth swimmer will receive a $1,000 reduction of their dues. Multi-swimmer family discounts ONLY apply for those participating the entire year. If a swimmer resigns from team during the year the family will lose that discount and their account will be adjusted accordingly. A family who joins the team after November 1st will receive pro-rated family discounts based on the date of registration. Due to the discounted pricing already published and in place for the Mark Twain location the multi-swimmer discount apply to registration for that location.

How do I access my bill?

To check the status of your account balance you will need to go to and sign in to your account.

In your account, in the $My Invoice/Payment section under My Account, you can review what you currently owe, what will be charged to your method of payment on file, and past billing histories. Here is what the screen will look like:

Screenshot 2017-10-30 13.06.44.png Use the sidebar PLAYLIST. Click invoice 101 and watch the video.

How do I update credit card information on my account?

  1. I received an email that the credit card I have on file is about to expire, how do I update my credit card information in my account?        


  1.  I received an email that my credit card was declined during the automated billing process OR my credit card was cancelled due to fraudulent activity, how do I update the credit card information attached to my account?

You need to understand how credit card information is stored in your account to handle this properly. You have the ability to store 2 types of credit card information on file; a card that you want to use for Automated Monthly Billing and a card that you want to use for On-Demand payments (payments you make separately from the automated, 1st of the month, payments).

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Select My Account
  3. Select Setup Auto Pay
  4. Click on Payment Setup tab

updating credit card info.png

I see extra charges on my account that are not Team Dues. What are they?

These could be various items. Did you recently attend a swim meet? There is a per-event charge for every event your swimmer swims in. After each meet, those charges are posted to your account for collection. If you have asked your Site Head Coach for a cap at the pool or got a cap from a coach or the head table at a swim meet, those charges will be posted to your account. Did we recently have a travel meet that you used a hotel block for? Those charges would have been posted to your account as well. Did we recently have a team function, like our formal dinner or recreational party? You may also find those charges on your account.

All invoices are itemized and have descriptions that make it very easy for the account holder to determine what fees they are being invoiced for.

How do I pay my bill?

All account must be established with a valid credit card, this is the only form of  payment that the Condors accept for registration, meet fees and other fees incurred during the season. Our team is set up for automated monthly billing. As long as your credit card is valid you will not need to make any manual payments. On the first of each month the registration system (Team Unify) will tally your invoice and charge those fees to the credit card payment on file. See the section, “I see extra charges on my account that are not Team Dues. What are they?” for an explanation of what fees may make up your current month’s bill. If you are on the 3-pay or 8-month payment plan these fees will also be included in your monthly invoice until they are paid in full.

Note: If your credit card fails to process on the first of the month due to expired information or insufficient funds you MUST MAKE A MANUAL PAYMENT (!!!!). If you do not log in and make this manual payment prior to the 15th of the month, your account will be assessed a $20 late payment fee. This is how to do so.

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Click on My Account
  3. Click on My Invoice/Payment
  4. Click on the Make Payment tab


Is there a required uniform?

Yes. The Condors feel that a team will feel more like a team if all athletes are in a required uniform. The complexity of that uniform depends on the training group that your swimmer(s) are assigned to.

Silver, Bronze, Jr. Varsity, Stroke Development, Future Stars: team suit & 3-pack of t-shirts; blue, white & black. If your swimmer wears a cap it must be a Condors cap - typically white unless there is a speciality cap for a meet or your swimmers is competing in a finals event.

Gold, Gold Elite, Senior Varsity, Senior 1 & Senior: same as above PLUS; Condors swim bag, Condors warm-ups.

NO ATHLETE        should ever be wearing shirts on deck that are NOT Condors. This includes sweatshirts, etc. The team offers several opportunities during the year to purchase these items and our Condor’s specific apparel items are available 24/7 on our team vendor, Ultimate Swim Shop’s, website: Please see the Apparel tab on the home page for step-by-step instructions on how to purchase from our team specific page.

Is there required equipment that I need to purchase?

Yes. Again, this is training group and sometimes location specific. Our team specific page on at has a list of required equipment by group and location.



My question is not here. Help!

I’m a Mark Twain Family with a general question. Who do I reach out to?

Mark Twain Head Coach Jon Hulbert 

I’m a Felix Festa Family with a general question. Who do I reach out to?

Head Coach Jim Wargo or 

I’m a Westchester Community College Family with a general question. Who do I reach out to?

Westchester Head Coach Christina Krautz

I’m a Condors family who has a general question about Billing or Volunteering. Who do I reach out to?

Team Manager Laurie Lawson 

I’m a Condors Swim Lessons Family with a general question. Who do I reach out to?

At Felix Festa Ashley Telesmanic

At Westchester Community College Christina Krautz 


For lessons sign up tutorial Use sidebar PLAYLIST. Click Lessons Signups 101 and watch video.