October 6, 2016 – RELIEF SOCIETY


Conducting – Sister Mones and Sister Baker

Chorister – Sister Nivaldo

Pianist – Sister Ransom

Opening Song – North 1 - Give Said the Little Stream

Accompanist – Sister Kleine



Opening Prayer – Sister Wight

Purpose – Sister Lakshmanan


·       Remember to have something prepared for your secret sister on October 12th.

·       If you have extra coats, please share.

·       President Risenmay announced that only the driver, her companion and the missionary(ies) going home are allowed to go to the airport.  Sisters are to say their farewells at the Square.


Roleplay:  Sister Yoshida and Sister Morales


They taught us about teaching at the Christus statue and bridging to the restoration, Book of Mormon and the narration.


Lesson #16 Marriage – An Eternal Partnership was given by Sister Kleine, Tagliavia, Canda, Dechesne and Vasquez.



They had a wonderful Power Point presentation.  While they were setting up their presentation, Sister Risenmay told the sisters that companionship unity and how it applies to missionary work helps prepare them for marriage.  If you can get along with your companion and are unified as a companionship, you will do well with someone you pick.  She counseled the sisters to not keep score in marriage.  If you are completely loving and trusting, they would never hurt you.  They met on a blind date.  Sister Risenmay was washing dishes at a wedding reception and President came into the kitchen and helped her wash dishes.


They had the love story of President Hunter read from the study guide.  Sister Vasquez told about her parent’s love story.  It was a very tender moment.


They presented a video of President Eyring at the Vatican when he attended the colloquium on marriage.  There are many good points in the video clip they presented.  One of them is “You lift me and I’ll lift thee and we will ascend together.”  John Greenleaf Whittier




The two previous slides were presented by Sister Kleine.  She asked for comments from the sisters.

·       Sister Klippel said we should be prepared.

·       Sister Ashton said that we should be the best person we can be.  Don’t be so focused on marriage that you miss opportunities to serve and grow.

·       Sister Eging said we shouldn’t be distracted by what we don’t have.

Sister Kleine quoted Matthew 25:1-10 regarding worthy preparation.


Sister Canda taught us about successful marriage.  Sister Kemple related an experience regarding her sister.  After her sister’s sealing to her husband, there was an entirely different spirit in their home.  There was a spirit of purity.


Following are some of the slides that were used.


Additional pointers that were given are:

·       Oneness of heart

·       “Surely the happiest marriages are those where your hurt is my hurt, my pain is your pain, my victory, your victory, my concerns, your concerns.” Howard W. Hunter

·       Fidelity in thought, word and deed


Quoting from the Miracle of Forgiveness by President Spencer W. Kimball

·       Attentive Listening:  President Hunter said, “A listening ear can often times make the difference.”

·       Selflessness:  President Hunter said, “Friendships cannot endure if they are based on the sands of selfishness.  Marriages do not endure when they have no ground except in physical attraction, and do not have the foundation of a deeper love and loyalty.”


Sister Sharp and Sister Bateman were asked to participate in the lesson by telling how they met etc.  Sister Sharp said that Elder Sharp is the harmony to her melody.  She also told the sisters to look for someone with their same standards and beliefs.


Sister Sharp


                                                                                         Sister Bateman


Sister Bateman counseled the sisters to always have Family Home Evening.




Closing Hymn:  #95 I love to See the Temple (Children’s Song Book)

Closing Prayer: Sister Fischer


The October birthdays came up and were presented a little gift and we all sang happy birthday to them.


 The October birthdays are: President Risenmay and Sisters Nivaldo, Cysewski, Seol, Williams, Chiu, Medeiros, Da Luz, Carrasco, Hug, Saavedra, Chuah, Triptree, Li, Wentzel, Cox, Clement, Lu and O’Neill