0. Preliminaries.

  Final questions on BNL meeting agenda [1] and associated stuff. Reminder,

  the agenda can be found linked off our group page [0].

1. First pass review of Michael's plan for multi-lock sets.

  Will this definitely be in the September 3.15

2. Multichannel and processing.

  Frame the questions that can be addressed in the BNL meeting. We're at

  an impasse on multi-channel, where progress appears to be held at

  request for requirements. Do we need to make time for a full requirements

  workup? Must it be done jointly with requirements on pvRequest and

  on pvDatabase in general (as the engine whose output will be

  multichannel data)?  Do we commit to a major requirements effort before

  prototyping. If so, with what scope? This question is plainly too big

  for a telecon. The best we can hope for is frame what question can be

  answered realistically in the BNL face-to-face. But for that to be

  successful we need terms of reference and know outline opinions up front.

  *Everyone - please read the thread [3], and be prepared to make  

   productive recommendations about how to proceed and on what timeframe.*








No quorum, so we were not going to have a meeting. In the end, we did actually have a good discussion, MK thought very useful, about use cases of dbGroup, and pvDatabase multi, and NTMultiChannelArray.

Outcomes: We feel we’re missing use case descriptions of dbGroup, although we know dbGroup is largely what the EPICS community thinks EPICS V4 is/was doing. We need to find the use cases and develop for them.

MK wanted UCs of pvDatabase multi, GW answered largely, but he needs documentation.


Questions that should be largely answered at BNL regarding pvDatabase multi:

  How do we start up a pvDatabase muti.

  How does it get the list of channels which it is monitoring?

  Will it immediately be cognizant of timestamps / timing or is that later?

  What does NTMultiChannelArray look like?

  Will pvDatabase multi only deal with CA channels. Or more weakly, must only the same provider be used for all the channels?