Advice from Our Elder Buddies

Our elder buddies were: George, Harriet, Edna, Leona, Bubbles

The main advice we received from our elder Buddies was:

* follow your dreams

* follow the rules

* be thrifty

* have jewish lifecycle events

* listen to your parents

* get married

* be good to animals,

* and especially these last two: be honest, and don’t have regrets.

Here are our thoughts about what this advice means:

Follow Your Dreams

Max - You should set goals and try your hardest to achieve them.

Ethan - You should do what you want and follow them wherever they make take you.

Brandon - You should enjoy your life and not let anything stop you.

Follow The Rules

Max - You should follow the rules but oppose unfair rules, think for yourself, have an opinion.  

Ethan - You should follow rules you think are fair and you sometimes have to follow rules but if they are wrong oppose them.

Brandon - You will get benefits out of it and if you don’t you will suffer the consequences and gain nothing from it.

Be Thrifty

Max - It is good to save what you have and definitely be careful about how you spend money and use your resources.

Ethan - Everything should be managed properly and try to only use what you have to use.

Brandon - Be responsible and manage things well, also take care in what you do and use.

Have Jewish Lifecycle Events

Max - It is important to part take in different jewish events because it is your responsibility to do so.

Ethan - You do what you can for you religion.

Brandon - You should accept your religion and embrace it.

Listen To Your Parents

Max - You should listen to your parents’ wisdom and advice but you should also become independent and form your own opinions.

Ethan - Your parents are good role models and know what they are talking about so you should listen to them.

Brandon - Your parents care for you and pay for your needs and they love us dearly so we respect them.

Get Married

Max - It is good to get married because you have someone you can always trust.

Ethan - Getting married gives you someone to care for and will enhance your life.

Brandon - You should find someone who you really care for and marry them but if you don’t find one in your lifetime it is okay.

Be Good To Animals

Max - All animals have a life that you should value and you should treat animals with respect.

Ethan - Animals are living things to even small ants so all animals care about each other just like humans do so be kind to animals as you would to humans.

Brandon - You should be nice and caring towards animals because they are living things just like you and me and everyone so they deserve the care, they have not done anything bad to you.

Be Honest

Max - You should try to tell the truth as much as possible but you must sometimes lie to get certain things done.

Ethan - If you are not honest then people will think you aren’t trustworthy which is a quality most friends share so maybe you won’t have as many friends and people will think badly of you but if you tell the truth this won’t happen.

Brandon -  If you tell lies how are you responsible, you can’t really be trusted so how are you a responsible person who no one trusts? Telling the truth might not be what you or other people want to hear but it is what they should hear.

Don’t Have Regrets

Max - If you make good decisions you probably won’t have regrets but you still might have regrets anyway, but you need to move on.

Ethan - You should do what you want to do and live life to it’s fullest

Brandon - You should take full advantage of your life.

By: Ethan, Brandon, and Max