Anji the Destroyer

Name: Yuukyuzan Anji

Nicknames: Bright King (Fudo Myouou)

Age: Unknown

Weapons and Attacks: Bare hands, Futae no Kiwami

Love Interests: None

Closest Friends: Sano

Enemies: Sano

First Appearance: Kyoto Arc

Physical Appearance: Very large and muscular. Head is shaved bald. Black eyes with black ash eyeliner.

Biography: Anji was a Buddhist monk who ran a temple orphanage in Ezo (later Hokkaido). He had five children in his care. All was well for them until the Meiji government decided to get rid of all the Buddhist temples. The town chief told him to take the children and clear out. Anji agreed, but knew they would need time to relocate. That night when Anji had gone out to pray, the chief sent two of his thugs to burn the temple down. The children died in the fire.

Anji sought vengeance against the officials and killed all of them. He then joined the Juppongatana, hoping to reform Japan. Anji also taught his deadliest attack to Sano when he met Sano on his way to Kyoto.

Personality Profile: Unlike the other members of the Juppongatana, Anji refuses to kill without a good reason. He desires to completely reform the world, even if it means destroying the present one. He carries a memorial tablet in remembrance of the five children who died in the temple.

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