Migrating to Sunshine (with API KEY)

Complete these steps to update Sunshine to use an API key:

  1. Obtain an API Key from openweathermap.org
  2. Clone the most recent version of udacity/Sunshine-Version-2
  3. Add the line below to your ~/.gradle/gradle.properties file (create the file if it does not exist already):


Continue with the instructions below if you are working off a cloned repo of udacity/Sunshine-Version-2:

  1. git pull origin to update your repo to get the most recent changes

If you’ve only used the above repo as a reference (i.e. don’t have local development branches), there’s nothing else to do!

If you have been developing off of the above repo you will need to do the following to preserve any local changes you’ve made:

  1. For each local branch, make sure all of your latest work is either committed or stashed
  2. For each local branch, run git pull

Caveat: If there are any branches that don’t already track from origin, git pull won’t update your local repo properly.

In order to check what a local branch is tracking from run git branch -vv