How to set up a classroom server?

Is minecraft edu worth the money?

Is there a way to increase the number of players in a world on the PE edition?

Is there a way to change the confines of height/depth within PE edition?

Are you able to make a world password protected/locked?

How have people used Minecraft to make art?

What is the most useful topic you could use with Minecraft?

Has anyone created mods for Minecraft? What age students?

Has anyone considered using actual blueprints to recreate buildings/structures?

How do I create a downloadable map, that my class could then access? My students are aware of but not confident.

Can I integrate worlds between PE & desktop versions?

Exploring fractions, weights within maths? What are other options?

Minecraft ideas:

Building towns & cities at particular timeframes - but all would need same

Building towns, cities, planets etc


Recreating lost features

Treasure hunts

Recreating, simulating & extrapolating world events, looking at ‘What if” scenarios