Burlington Public Schools

Aspen Family Portal - First Time Users


Aspen is the Student Information System used by Burlington Public Schools.  Aspen is used to maintain student data including demographics, attendance records, schedules and grades.  It is a web based product that can be used from almost any computer or device that has access to the Web.  One component of Aspen is the Family Portal which allows parents/guardians to login to the system to view their child’s attendance history, course history, current schedule and, most importantly, a current view their teacher’s gradebook.  

Accessing Aspen for the First Time:

Aspen has been created with responsive design and can be accessed from any web enabled device.  On mobile devices, it looks and functions slightly different.

Open a browser and visit                http://ma-burlington.myfollett.com

Your login id and password were included in your account activation email (or letter).  If you do not know your login id, please contact the BPS Student Information Office via email at studentinfo@bpsk12.org


Please note that Aspen IDs and passwords are case sensitive. 

        Desktop Interface        Mobile Interface


The first time you log into Aspen, you’ll be asked to create a new password.  Please note the password requirements box before entering your new password.  

         Desktop Interface        Mobile Interface


Forgotten Passwords and Login Help:

If you have trouble logging in to Aspen, please use the “I forgot my password” link on the Aspen Login Page.  You will be emailed a temporary case sensitive password.  If you still have trouble getting into Aspen or your account needs to be re-enabled, please contact the BPS Student Information Office via email at studentinfo@bpsk12.org or by calling (781) 270-8179.

Learning to use Aspen:

Please visit the following link for documents and videos about the Aspen Family Portal.


Gradebook Usage and Policy: 

Teachers at the Middle School and High School use the Aspen Online Gradebook which will allow parents/guardians to see their child’s grades and a current average for that class.  It is mandatory for teachers to use the Aspen Gradebook at the Middle School and High School, but each teacher might utilize the system differently.  They have already communicated how their gradebook is setup and their plan of use with their students.  If you have questions about a teacher’s gradebook setup, please check with your child first.  If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the specific teacher.