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No, it's ridiculous.


This is a one-time managed access to a single facility by the IAEA. It is not the procedure for any other inspection. It is specially designed to answer questions relating to work carried out at this site between 1996-2002.

It's also not true as far as I can tell.


The IAEA has said the AP story is a misrepresentation:


Other members of Congress who were briefed on the details also say the AP story is not true.


Even if the document seen by AP is close to the final version -- and it does not look like a final IAEA document to me -- it doesn't support the claim that Iran will "inspect itself." It just says Iran will provide images and samples from Parchin and the IAEA will authenticate them. It is not unusual for facility operators take samples or images with either IAEA inspectors present or using other means of authentication.


Finally, Reuters is reporting that there will be IAEA inspectors present:


My understanding is that the Reuters report is not perfect, but far more accurate than the AP version.  The IAEA will be present for important steps in the process. There will be additional measures to ensure any images and samples taken by the facility operator are authentic. The process was reviewed by a panel drawn from US national laboratories and they found it sound.


This is just nonsense being pushed by people who should know better.


The IAEA is conducting the inspection. Period.


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Good afternoon.


Justin Logan of the Cato Institute suggested we reach out to you as we check a recent claim by Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.


Cruz said the other day that the deal is flawed in part because it “trusts the Iranians to inspect themselves.”


Does this seem accurate? Why or why not?


What resources would you otherwise suggest we consider?


Here is the backup offered by Cruz’s office:


AP leaked one of the side arrangements between the IAEA and Iran in regards to inspecting Parchin. Iran, as a courtesy, will provide the IAEA with photos, videos and environmental samples of certain sites at Parchin. Iran controlling what evidence the IAEA will inspect is fundamentally unserious and not a legitimate verification regime.


1. Iran will provide to the Agency photos of the locations, including those identified in paragraph 3 below, which would be mutually agreed between Iran and the Agency, taking into account military concerns.


2. Iran will provide to the Agency videos of the locations, including those identified in paragraph 3 below, which would be mutually agreed between Iran and the Agency, taking into account military concerns.


3. Iran will provide to the Agency 7 environmental samples taken from points inside one building already identified by the Agency and agreed by Iran, and 2 points outside of the Parchin complex which would be agreed between Iran and the Agency.


4. The Agency will ensure the technical authenticity of the activities referred to in paragraphs 1-3 above. Activities will be carried out using Iran's authenticated equipment, consistent with technical specifications provided by the Agency, and the Agency's containers and seals.


5. The above mentioned measures would be followed, as a courtesy by Iran, by a public visit of the Director General, as a dignitary guest of the Government of Iran, accompanied by his deputy for safeguards.


6. Iran and the Agency will organize a one-day technical roundtable on issues relevant to Parchin.






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