Welcome to the Montebello Pet Fair team! This event wouldn't happen if it were not for the volunteers. By volunteering, you’ll not only be helping the pets of our area, but also educating pet owners on how to best care for their pets. A win win for everyone.

This guide will help you have the best possible experience as a volunteer. It answers frequently asked questions and gives information about the event and your role. The volunteer coordinator(s) can answer most of your other questions so don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

Thank you for volunteering. I am glad you have chosen to be a member of the Montebello Pet Fair team. You are making a difference in the lives of pets in our area.


Colleen Jousma


Purpose of the Handbook

This handbook has been produced to help you become the best volunteer you can be for the Montebello Pet Fair. This book will share with you a little of our history, practices, and policies, as well as volunteer job descriptions. And most importantly the benefits that volunteering with the Montebello Pet Fair can provide for you.

No volunteer handbook can answer all the questions you might have about our event. During the months, weeks, and days before the event you will have the opportunity to get to know your fellow volunteers, receive training for your role in the fair, and help build an event that brings the most good to the lives of pets in our area.

We hope this handbook will allow you to feel comfortable volunteering with us. This event depends on you. Your success as a volunteer means the success of the fair. Please do not hesitate to ask questions. Your volunteer coordinator will gladly answer them.

We ask that you read this book carefully, and refer to it whenever questions arise.

Organizational Information

Organizational history & background

The Montebello Pet Fair started out as a small event in December of 2015. A small group of community members had the idea for the fair because of some of the needs that animals in our area have. 2016 was the first big fair. There were over 50 vendors and nonprofits. We had adoptions, a vaccine clinic, and a spay/neuter clinic. The goal for future fairs is to focus on educating the public on best ways to care for pets.

Organizational Chart

Event Coordinators -

SophiaRogue7463LF.jpgSophia Lim

Colleen Jousma

Site Coordinator - Sophia Lim
Volunteer Coordinator - Colleen Jousma

Volunteer Information

What you can expect as a Montebello Pet Fair Volunteer.

Your responsibility as a volunteer:

  1. Be realistic and candid in accepting your assignments, taking into consideration your interests, skills, and availability, as well as the needs of the Montebello Pet Fair.
  2. Learn your volunteer assignment as well as you can by completing all required training, asking questions, and staying in touch with your supervisor(s).
  3. Contribute to the Montebello Pet Fair by being reliable and dependable in doing your job and working with your co-workers.
  4. Develop your skills as a volunteer by participating in training and development opportunities. Learn as much as you can to do the best job possible.
  5. Follow all policies and guidelines of the Montebello Pet Fair and engage in appropriate public behavior at all times.
  6. Participate in the feedback process by helping the Montebello Pet Fair improve the fair for the public, participating organizations, and volunteers.

What you can expect the Planning Committee to provide for you

  1. A suitable assignment based upon your interests, skills, and availability, as well as the Montebello Pet Fair’s needs.
  2. Orientation and training to help you perform your job.
  3. The opportunity to work as part of a team, to contribute to the welfare of animals in our community, and to be recognized for your contribution.
  4. The support you need to do your job, including necessary equipment, supplies, workspace, and helpful supervision.
  5. The opportunity to give feedback about your Montebello Pet Fair volunteer experience.
  6. The chance to grow and develop as a volunteer through participation in the Montebello Pet Fair, special training events, meetings, and more responsible positions.

Policies and Procedures


Attendance is essential to making the fair run smoothly. Please be on time to your assigned shifts during the fair and other events you sign up to help at that occur before the fair. Even one volunteer not fulfilling their promised hours puts extra work on other volunteers. It’s up to each of us to keep our word. If you know you will not be attending your shift, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance so we can fill your spot.


Your personal information will only be used to contact you before the fair about fair business or contact an emergency contact if needed.

Eligibility Requirements

All volunteers must fill out a volunteer application prior to participation as a volunteer with the Montebello Pet Fair. In addition, a waiver must be signed prior to participation in our event. All volunteer participation is subject to the exclusive discretion of the Montebello Pet Fair Planning Committee.

Identification Policy

We want guests to the Montebello Pet Fair to easily find volunteers. Because of that we will provide you with a name badge and/or an official t-shirt to wear while volunteering. Volunteers who sign up after October 19 are not guaranteed a t-shirt.


In place of formal meetings, the Montebello Pet Fair utilizes two online options to communicate with volunteers. For volunteers who are participating on the day of the event we use our Facebook group “Montebello Pet Fair Volunteers”. For those volunteers who are participating in organizing the fair we use the team site Slack. We will send you an invitation to the site so check your email and sign in. The Facebook group will have announcements and Q&A for volunteers on duties, policies, etc.
Meetings will be held offline as needed and adequate notice will be provided. If you are needed at an offline meeting and you must miss the meeting, please notify the Volunteer Coordinator to make alternate arrangements. Some of our meetings are only for the planning committee, but any volunteer can attend those meetings.

Record Keeping, Timesheets

The Montebello Pet Fair cannot happen without your hard work. It’s important that we keep track and recognize the amount of time all of our volunteers donate. This includes meetings, training, clerical, preplanning, and the time volunteered on the day of the event. Please be sure to record your time on the volunteer sign in sheet at each meeting or event. If you are doing work outside of a regular meeting, be sure to include your total hours you volunteered in the monthly report form.

Reimbursement Policy

When the Planning Committee agrees to buy supplies, pay for services, or pay for fees, the volunteers who are chosen to pay for these things will be reimbursed by the date of the fair. Please do not buy or pay for anything that you need reimbursement for without confirming with the Planning Committee.

Volunteer Orientation/Training

Since the fair is a one day event we have chosen to include as many details as we can in this volunteer handbook that will prepare you for the day of the fair. One the day of the fair if any job requires more details the volunteer coordinator, site coordinator, or another volunteer will advise you on what needs to be done. If at any time during the fair you need something explained please find Colleen Jousma or Sophia Lim.

Youth volunteers

Youth volunteers may participate. Youth volunteers under 14 may participate provided they have a parent or legal guardian in attendance with them. Any parent or guardian attending with a volunteer under 14 must go through the entire volunteer process (application, training, etc).

Job Descriptions

Each crew listed below will have a Team Lead who will be in charge of the volunteers during their scheduled time. You will get a chance to do more than one job if you plan to be at the fair all day or for more than 2 hours. Capture.JPG

Parking Attendants 

Because of the public location of this event we depend on the parking attendants to ensure our reserved parking spots are held only by people who those spots are reserved for. The parking attendants will be in the reserved parking areas from the 7am to start time at 10am or once all reserved spots are filled with authorized vehicles. Reserved parking spots on Park Ave can be used for setup time from 7am to 9am. After 9am all vehicles must move for the food trucks to fill their slots.

There are 2 locations of reserved parking.

  1. Park Avenue - This location is where our food trucks will park. The city will mark the spots with no parking signs during the week so residents in the area will know they’ll need to move. The problem comes with vendors who do not move their cars after unloading. Those parking attendants who are scheduled for this location will keep the spaces clear for the food trucks. Attendants will use the city signs to block the parking spots and will only move the signs for the food trucks to park.
    One safety thing to note. There is a small ramp into the park on the curb along Park Avenue. We must be sure to keep that ramp clear for any emergency vehicles that may need to get into the park.
  2. Senior Center Parking Lot - We have a few vendors who will be parking in the parking lot that is along the Senior Center. We have the entire row of parking reserved for us and will need to ensure that these spots are kept clear. Some vendors will have a large vehicle they will be parking that may be parked at an odd angle for the public to enter (spaces in green). Others are sponsors who have a booth in the main fair and have a reserved parking spot (spaces in blue).
    One safety thing to note. There is a parking space (noted in red) that needs to be kept empty at all times. This is an entrance to the park for safety vehicles.

Site Setup & Breakdown crews

Setup Crew
7 AM until 8 AM.
 It is essential that this crew is on time. The booth areas must be set up before 8am. Site setup will be coordinated by Sophia Lim and volunteers will be split into groups to best set up the site.

This crew will set out the ropes for each of the booth areas. Each booth will be marked with a paper noting the name of the vendor/nonprofit (these will be held down with an object that will be provided on the day of the fair).  

This crew will also help set up the sound system, information booth, signs at various locations around the park (including to and from restrooms, parking, info booth, street, etc).

Breakdown Crew

From 3pm to 4:30PM crew This crew will collect ropes & signs, break down information booth and other pop up booths and equipment that the fair used, and the crew will also help the sound crew break down the equipment. Sophia Lim will be coordinating this team to ensure all supplies and equipment are returned.

Vendor/Nonprofit setup & breakdown crews

These volunteers are essential in helping vendors and nonprofits set up and break down. Being on time for this crew is crucial. The breakdown crew is crucial for vendors/nonprofits who have had a long day so please do not leave until all vendors/nonprofits have been helped.
These crews will be needed from
8am to 10am and then from 3pm to 4:30 pm at the latest. If the vendor/nonprofit you are helping no longer needs your help find another that is arriving/packing up. If you cannot find another vendor/nonprofit to help, find Sophia Lim or Colleen Jousma for your something else to do.

Art Center Team

These volunteers help children in the art center. They will keep the tables organized, replenish coloring pages/coloring books and supplies, and help children.
There will be an art project at 1pm lead by Joanna Villa. Volunteers will have be present to help children with the art project.

Info booth

Info booth volunteers will have shifts of 2 hours. There will be teams of 3 to 4 people working the info booth at all times. Every 20 minutes or so part of the information booth crew will walk around the fair to refill water bowls and pick up garbage (& pet waste). Any trash cans that are full should be emptied as well. Volunteers will be shown the location of the water hose at the beginning of their shift.

Crowd Attendance Taker

To better gauge the attendance at the fair we are implementing a simple attendance counting method. We will have stacks of sticker sheets that will be numbered. All the volunteers assigned will go out in the crowd to hand out stickers to attendees. You can say something like this to attendees, “We are using these stickers as a way to count the number of people who attend the fair. Wearing the sticker will help us know that you have been counted already, but if you would rather not wear the sticker just tell any volunteers who ask that you have already been counted.” Don’t worry if someone refuses to take a sticker. If they don’t take one, and you ask them to let other volunteers know they’ve been counted, just put the sticker on the back of the sheet. Remember to ask people lined up to vaccinate their pet and those who may be at the spay/neuter clinic up by the bathrooms. At the end of the day we will count the number of sticker sheets used and will get a better idea of the number of attendees we have at the event. Leave all sticker sheets at the Information Booth when you are finished with your shift.


These volunteers have experience taking photographs/videos. We are asking that these volunteers also take pictures/videos with a cell phone so that we can post pictures throughout the event. These volunteers will need to connect with the event coordinator Colleen Jousma to be added as an live contributor on Facebook.
After the event we ask that the photographers/videographers share the photography/videography with us so we can share on our website and social media. We can discuss which is the best way to share.

Raffle/Prize Booth

These volunteers make sure attendees have completed the educational scavenger hunt and will then show attendees which prize they can have for free and where to put the slip/ticket with their name on it for a larger prize.

Included at this table are some raffles for items that cost money to win. Tickets are $1.

Montebello Pet Fair site map

As of 8/15/18 the sitemap is still being worked on. We will post an updated map as soon as it is complete. (blank site map below)

Volunteer Agreement Signature Form

To be read, signed, and returned to the volunteer coordinator before beginning any volunteer activities. We will have copies of this agreement on the day of the fair.

Release of liability

I recognize that working with animals places me at physical risk and working in an outdoor setting with the public may also put me as risk, and I agree to assume that risk. I realize that although the Montebello Pet Fair planning committee has taken all reasonable measures to protect me, accidents and injuries may still occur. Therefore, I hereby completely release and entirely discharge the Montebello Pet Fair planning committee, Latino Alliance for Animal Care Foundation, and the City of Montebello from any and all claims and causes of action of negligence or gross negligence that I or another might have or bring relating to or arising from any injury or damage that I should sustain while assisting the Montebello Pet Fair or in connection with my volunteer work for the Montebello Pet Fair.

Understanding and acceptance of volunteer guidelines

I have read, understand and agree to the volunteer guidelines set forth in the Montebello Pet Fair volunteer handbook. I fully understand and agree that I am providing my services in a volunteer capacity without any expressed or implied promise of compensation. I agree to perform my volunteer duties to the best of my ability and to adhere to the guidelines detailed in the volunteer handbook. I further understand that my volunteer involvement may be terminated for reasons including, but not limited to, those outlined in the volunteer handbook.

Photo Release

During my volunteer time with the Montebello Pet Fair, I understand my photo may be taken at various events and projects. By signing below I also hereby grant the Montebello Pet Fair permission to use my likeness in photograph(s) and/or video(s) in any and all of its publications or on the World Wide Web, whether now known or hereafter existing. I will make no monetary or other claim against the Montebello Pet Fair for the use of the photograph(s) and/or video(s).


Volunteer’s Name (Please Print)





Youth parent permission form

Montebello Pet Fair Saturday November 3, 2018
Permission and Release for Youth Volunteers

Parent Information:
Full Name: _________________________________________________ Phone:__________________ Address:_________________________________
City: ____________________ State: _____ Zip:________
I am the: ___ parent ___ legal guardian (check one)

Children’s Names and Ages:

Name: ________________________________________________ Age:__________________ Name: ________________________________________________ Age:__________________ Name: ________________________________________________ Age:__________________

In consideration of the Montebello Pet Fair offering this volunteering opportunity, I/We agree to the following, intending to be legally bound:

  1. My/Our child or children, or child or children under my/our guardianship, has/have had enough experience with dogs and/or cats and is/are mature enough to volunteer with the Montebello Pet Fair and to participate in activities with dogs and puppies of all sizes and/or cats and kittens.
  2. Whenever my/our child or children, or a child or children under my/our legal guardianship, participates in activities in connection with the Montebello Pet Fair, I/We hereby release, and agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Montebello Pet Fair, the City of Montebello, and other businesses/nonprofits participating in the fair, their directors, officers, agents and volunteers, and their and their heirs, successors, assigns, and personal representatives, from and against liability for any injuries, damages, liabilities, losses, judgments, costs or expenses whatsoever (the “Losses”), which such child or children or any pet or other person might suffer or sustain, except any Losses which are the result of the an organization’s gross negligence or intentional misconduct. I acknowledge that there are risks that the child or children could be bitten, scratched, injured or frightened by the dogs/puppies and/or cats/kittens and I/we assume such risks.
  3. I/we have accurately and truthfully completed this Permission and Release form.
  4. This Permission and Release form is binding upon me, my spouse/partner, and my and his or her respective heirs, successors, assigns, executors, and personal representatives.

___________________________________ __________________________________

Parent Signature                                 Spouse/Partner Signature _________________________________ __________________________________

Montebello Pet Fair Representative Signature                         Date