Last Updated on 8 April 2017


  1. Each OpenSim Simulator is shut down every week on Tuesday Japan Standard time
  2. Each Server is updated and Powered down for a cold restart
  3. TheKaz Grid Status can be seen on the Front Page of TheKaz Grid Website



  1. Daily Backups are made of the MySql Database at 2pm Japan Standard Time.
  2. Daily Backups are kept during the current Month
  3. At the end of each month the last daily backup of that month is stored and all other backups for that month are deleted.


  1. Weekly OARs are made of all regions in TheKaz Grid on Tuesday each week Japan Standard Time
  2. No Policy regarding keeping these OARs has been made yet and as such are stored.
  3. Development is underway to allow residents to Create, Download, Upload and install their own OARs.