Digestive system

The digestive system is a group of organs.the organs help the body stay alive if you have no organs you will just die.

The digestive system starts at the mouth. the teeth help by chewing and grinding. The front teeth chew and the back teeth grind.In the mouth the saliva  has chemicals in it the chemicals help breack down the food douwn.

Next it goes to the Oesophagus.The Oesophagus does  peristalsis down to the stomach. If you didn't have a Oesophagus the food can't get to the stomach. The Oesophagus is a very muscular organ.You can squeeze it verry easyly.

Next it goes to the stomach the food stays in the stomach for about 4 hours.in the stomach there is acid acid is something that is really acidic so it breaks down food even more.

The next bit is the intestines. The small intestine is about 7 metres long and continues to break down food.The large intestine makes the food solid and that's when  you need to go to the toilet.

The digestive system provides lots of energy.

By will