June 2018


Dear Families,


                We hope that you and your child have a very restful, relaxing summer vacation.  The 2017/2018 school year begins on August 30th.  We are looking forward to welcoming you to sixth grade.  We also hope that parents will be able to join us for our 6th Grade Curriculum Night, which will be held at some point in early September.


                On the first day of school, your child will be coming home with many forms and informational letters.  Please look for these and read through them, as many of them will contain information directly related to sixth grade and the teaching model used.  We have found e-mail a very effective way of communicating between home and school and we will be using this for updates and information this coming year as well.


                This coming year, we are asking parents to provide some basic supplies for their child.  If possible, please purchase the following for your child before school begins in September:


-       a 2” 3-ring sturdy binder

-       at least 5 binder dividers with tabs (preferably with pockets, also)

-       4 one-subject spiral-type college-ruled 100-sheet notebooks to fit in 3-ring binder (one for each subject)

-       a pen/pencil pouch with holes to fit in 3-ring binder

-       scissors (preferably 7” or larger)

-       ruler

-       pens (blue, black, and red)

-       highlighters

-       calculator

-       earbuds (if possible)


Some of our supplies will be community supplies for the entire class to use.  If possible,

please purchase the following for our entire classroom to share:


-       water-based markers

-       colored pencils

-       1 package of glue sticks

-       box of tissues or paper towels

-       large package of No. 2 pencils

-       2 packages of pencil top erasers

-       Clorox clean-up wipes

-       1 ream white computer paper


A good start is usually a great start.  In September, ask your child to share his/her assignment book with you, discuss what he/she is learning daily, ask about what seems to be really new and what seems to be a challenge, and talk about realistic goals for improving and growing.


                We look forward to seeing you on August 30th!




                                                                            The Sixth Grade Team


                                                                            Lisa Rice                            lrice@hr-k12.org

                                                                            Matt Meunier                      mmeunier@hr-k12.org                                                                                                                      Kevin Hodgson                              khodgson@hr-k12.org

                                                                            Brian Chamberlin              bchamberlin@hr-k12.org

Sixth Grade Homework Site: http://norristeacher.edublogs.org/