Essentials of Christianity

Character of God: Not an impersonal force: God is Love, creating us in love, saving us out of love

The Human Condition: Sin (rebelliousness, selfishness) is real and serious; people and societies are broken and can’t change themselves by will power.

God’s Plan: God acts in history: covenants, the law, the prophets, and, finally, the Incarnation: God became one of    

   us as Jesus that we might know the heart and character of God, and remains with us as the Holy Spirit (Trinity)

Atonement: God as Jesus took away our sins by death on the cross, showing divine solidarity in our suffering and extent of love

Reconciliation: by God’s initiative: free gift of grace responded to through faith; repentance leads to forgiveness

Result: transformed hearts, more and more willing obedience; new life now, resurrection later


1. What do think is most distinctive about Christianity?

2. What bridges do you see to people of other faiths?