08/03/2017            Seaweed collecting     

S1A went to collect seaweed at Gairloch beach for our SMART course .This is the conservation part of our John Muir award. We filled up a whole trailer so we could use it in our raised beds at Gairloch high school                                         IMG_0121.JPG

Full trailer.


We filled up fish boxes and carried them up the rocks and dumped it in the trailer.

We are using the seaweed for fertilizer which will help grow vegetables and plants. Seaweed from the beach costs nothing so you might as well collect it rather than buying  expensive fertilizer.

Seaweed facts!

In Asia, Porphyra (known as nori) is eaten as a whole seaweed either dried or in soups, and globally as tasty wrappings for sushi.

It is estimated that there are nine times more microscopic algae and seaweeds in the oceans than there are plants on land.