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Rally computer multifunction    


Installation and configuration.

Instruction Manual.


* Content marked [GPS] only for versions with built-in GPS or an external device connected Garmin. Working with an external GPS module, such as the Garmin does not provide such precision as the built-in GPS.

Rally multifunction computer


Installation and configuration.

Instruction Manual.

Tripmeter Description



Mounting Instructions



View of the


on / off

Configuration tripmeter

Device Settings

Time Settings




Configurationdistance measurement

calibration factor of the vehicle - definition of

Sub constant k


mode on / off Multi-angle

calibration factor - typing a known factor

of the calibration coefficient selection - only in Multik

Sub measurement/ auto


calibration factor - measurement of the coefficient of

[GPS] The calibration -auto-calibration


function description (action keys.)

Specifications and performance.


Description tripmeter.


tripmeter Rally Computer multifunction odometer is a professional device for use in auto racing - flat, off-road and navigation .

Thanks to the graphical LCD display simultaneously on the screen shows all the parameters and the service becomes quick and easy.

aluminum waterproof housing provides protection against external factors. First-class electronics ensure reliable operation and high precision measurements. Service tripmeter is performed using a 6-button keyboard in which the keys are permanently assigned key functions measuring or via an optional external resetter.

Multifunction computer Rally performed odometer is used for measuring road speed in the voltage of the vehicle and [GPS] course.


Installation and Configuration

Mounting Instructions


tripmeter install in a conspicuous place and allows seamless access to the front panel. For mounting brackets tripmeter are bolted to the sides of the housing. Do not remove the brackets that do not lead to a loss of containment device.

When connecting the power pay attention to the voltage source was reliable

andstable (providing a value between 8 to 30 V).

Tripmeter not mount in areas adversely affects the damage or misusing such action at the outlets air, areas exposed to mechanical damage and also in the possibility of causing interference safety of the vehicle, for example on air cushions,

NB. Turn off the device does not cut it completely from the power supply. We continue to draw current (reduced to a minimum). When the device is not in use, disconnect it from the vehicle wiring. This will prevent discharging the battery. Top install an external switch that disconnects the power supply unit in a complete way.


Setup and manual

View of the


GARMIN - indicates a proper connection with the Garmin

GPS - GPS status signals - when flashing it means search signal when a steady light indicates the presence of a signal GPS when not lit indicates a malfunction

RUN - lights up when the total extinction of the display as a sign that the work unit continues.

When the device startup screen appears with the name of the device RUN LED indicates the path of the pulse counting detector.

POINT - not active

on / off the

device does not have a power switch. After the power supply is ready for operation. The items unrelated to direct the work, with no tension on the cable yellow ("ignition") goes to sleep. You can connect the yellow wire to the power which will disable this functionality.

Upon power tripmeter:

on the odometer was turned off when not realized measurements - will switch to the home screen

on the odometer was off when the realized measurements (in any mode and any measurement function) is after reconnecting the power measurements will further continue

with the startup screen position odometer will turn off automatically after 1 minute. if the wire yellow designed to connect the ignition will not tension.

With each function by long press CLR (about 6 seconds) can lead to the appearance of the home screen and interrupt the measurement.


NOTE  Setting up a new tripmeter complies with the card settings included in the scope.

Input configuration menu is possible with the position of the start screen by long pressing the MANAGE.

Most important rules of navigating the menu are listed below:

Other key operating principles are described for each of the sub-menu.

enabled value of each function is contained in square brackets.

Below are situated descriptions of individual screens and how to change the settings, acceptance, etc.

Device Settings

menu is used for setting the overall operation of the device.


Use the arrow buttons to browse the rows cause a submenu, causing the OK button to change the value, the CLR briefly go back to the main branch of themenu

  1. GPS- choice of moduleGPS
  1. Personal- fast GPS module built into the device (refresh data every 0.1 seconds)
  2. Garmin - download data from the connected device Garmin (NOTE. refresh data as often as every two seconds)
  1. Language - language version of the device. For now, only Polish version!
  2. Delete - Delete the contents of the memory card. Before you delete will ask for confirmation. Any files stored on the card will be erased.
  3. RUN - type of operation, depending on the purchased option. Possible modes are:
  1. odometer
  3. tripmeter +AZIMUTH
  4. Regularity
  1. UNIT - The choice of units in which the measured values ​​are displayed: [Metric] - km [Imperial] - miles
  2. IMPS - enable or disable the use of pulses road such as a sensor - [YES] requires the presence of pulses, [NO] does not require apulse
  3. GPSd - the inclusion or exclusion of the GPS system when calculating road

Time settings

menu is used to set the time machine.


arrow keys to browse the rows cause a submenu, causing the OK button to change the value or move the edited field values. In fields that require changes in the RUN button increases the value decreases MANAGE button.

  1. TIME                  - Set         the device
  2. DATE                 -         set the time on your device
  3. SYN                 -         Synchronize time with the GPS
  4. UTC                 -         set the time zone
  5. DST                 -         DST

settings tripmeter

menu to configure distance measurements, tripmeter mode selection.


The buttons with arrows to browse the rows cause a submenu, the OK button to change the value or enter the next submenu.

Configuration distance measurement

calibration factor of the vehicle - the definition

is the number of pulses counted from the vehicle driving 1,000 m corresponding  

calibration factor can :

Sub constant k


arrow buttons to browse the rows cause a submenu, causing the OK button to change the value or activate the fields for editing.

k Multi mode - ON by using the arrow and then select the ratio using the RUN button to set as active.

Enable / Disable Multi-modek

multi mode,k allows you to enter and use the 10 - calibration coefficients into the side, for example, matching for different tire sizes.

Disabling multi angle mode allows you to enter and use the one factor calibration. This is the default odometer.  

Calibration factor - typing a known factor

for the help of the arrow to bring the cursor was on the field in which term you want to enter a new value. OK button activates the ability to type, the arrows change the value of the digit, move the cursor to the OK briefly on CLR clears the field and the cursor goes back long OK to save the value of which is confirmed zamiganiem values.

Choice of the calibration factor - only in Multi k

Use the arrow keys bring the cursor to the calibration value you want to select, and then press RUN

submenu measurement / auto


arrow buttons to browse the rows cause a submenu, the CLR button clears the measured value, causing the OK button to stop the measurement, the RUN key will enter the auto-calibration. .

Calibration factor - a measurement of the ratio

Upon entering the sub-pulse measurement starts automatically. Measured pulses can be seen next to the letter K:. Press CLR delete a value, such as at the beginning of the measurement section. Press OK to stop the measurement. Arrested measurement value can immediately save to memory. To do this, use the arrows to select the memory location to which saves the value and press OK. The value will be saved. To save the measured value in another cell memory than 1 must be turned on Multi k

[GPS] The calibration - auto-calibration

in metromierzu is possible to measure the number of pulses using the built-in GPS module. No appointment is needed if the road section. Tripmeter will measure automatically. The calibration accuracy can be up to 1% error.

When you are in the menu Measurement / auto press RUN.Wymagany GPS signal is stable. If the odometer will see less than 5 satellites displays.


When the GPS signal is correct-calibration starts automatically when the vehicle is driving faster than 15 km / h Communication with too low speed will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Calibration is performed on the stretch of 1000 m distance cycled during auto-calibration can see next to TRIP. When you reach 1000 m measured value will stop automatically. You can press CLR to start the measurement again or measured value can immediately save to memory. To do this, use the arrows to select the memory location to which saves the value and press OK. The value will be saved. To save the measured value in another cell memory than 1 must be turned on Multi k

NOTE. When the measurement will lose GPS signal or go below 15 km / h the measurement is stopped.


tripmeter Rally multifunction computer odometer has the opportunity to work in one measurement mode ..

[There is a possibility of extension tripmeter functions of the multifunction computer Rally Regularity AZIMUTH or by wykupionie additional option . More details in the document: Rally multifunction computer - work tripmeter ⇔ AZIMUTH]

to start the measurement press RUN. The screen will show all the parameters and the screen will look like this:

Description of function (key operation).

[RUN] - starts the action tripmeter.

Once you have taken out an option AZIMUTH, moves to the waypoint routing mode. Counter road ODO remain active and appears above the inscription STATUS.

[LIGHT] is pressed briefly - causes abrupt decrease display brightness until the complete extinction. When the odometer is blank RUN LED lights up. Another pressing cause abrupt brightening the display brightness up to full brightness.

[CLR] pressed briefly - clearing the way TRIP

[CLR] pressed long - exit to the home screen - the end of the measurements  

[OK] button pressed short - starts flashing the ODO. If the time is flashing (about 2 seconds) press the [OK] button again will overwrite the value ODO TRIP values ​​and at the same time.

[⏫] - each press adds to the road ODO 10 m

[⏬] - each press subtracts from the road ODO 10 m

[OK] button pressed long - causes the appearance of the field edit the value ODO. Use the arrow and OK keys CLR and can be set to any value in the range ODO -999.99 km to 999.99 km. We accept the set value by pressing the OK button a long time.

ATTENTION. When the speed is less than 5 km / h indication course flashes a sign of instability indication.    

Specifications and performance.


Warranty is for a period of 60 months from the date of saledevice.Warranty

will be considered only in case of use of the product for its intended purpose. Warranty against defects in the product to prevent its further use as intended. Are not subject to warranty defects resulting from mechanical damage, alteration, normal wear items, etc.

The warranty is valid only with proof of purchase.

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Date of sale : ..................................................

number: ...............................................


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