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The Clue  period and fertility tracker: translating the mobile application and its updates into nine languages

Clue is a program for tracking a woman's menstrual cycle on iPhone and Android. Among the hundreds of mobile apps intended for this purpose, Clue stands out not only for the absence of pink in its design, but also for its functionality:

Overall, this product is so reliable and popular that it would be unfair to limit users to only an English-language version.


Clue worked earlier with Crowdin, and fully appreciated the multi-functional convenience of a cloud platform. There the company met Alconost, with its specialized solution for localization.


The complexity of the project lies in its narrow, subject-specific terminology, its scientific knowledge base, and the need to maintain simplicity and ease of presentation — and this includes the release of updates. Alconost accepted this challenge, and brought in only those translators well-versed in the subject, who had experience localizing applications for each language.


We started with French. Clue checked the Alconost team's completed translation with a third party. Once they received confirmation of its quality, they launched a full-scale localization project using Alconost and Crowdin together.


Today Alconost is performing a simultaneous ongoing translation of the application and its updates into nine languages:

In addition to the team of competent translators, a team of editors is also working on the project, maintaining the localizations' quality level in each of the languages.


The translations' simultaneity and high operational efficiency are ensured by Crowdin's features:

We at Alconost are glad to take part in this project, which appreciably eases women's daily lives and definitely makes the world a better place. We wish the product success!

“Using Alconost via Crowdin makes it easy for us to make major localization updates for our app, because I know that the translations are high quality and reliable. I appreciate how communicative your team is, both about the overall process and about their specific localization decisions.”

Lisa, Director of Marketing at Clue

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More information about Clue? helloclue.com