The Tachyean Encyclopedia:

Facts to the Realm of Tachyon

By:Sulfern (the elder of Tachyon’s information)

Release date one million, and three A.B.  

For Centuries, this scripture has been used to understand the progress of the advancing Tachyeans, and their marvelous achievements from their beginnings. Over thousands of being of different origins and varieties, so that they can understand how the society of Tachyon works in the universe that we exist in.

The document includes:

 Tachyium  in the blue section

Galactic/solar Bridges/life in the bridges in the purple section

Lords of Tachyon in the green section

Species under the order of Tachyon in the yellow section



        This is where you’ll learn how the universe has been drawn together by the great and noble Tachyeans.


        Tachyium, what is it? How does it work? Why do we need it? These are some of the frequently asked questions by other races when the Tachyeans ask a race of The Question.

What Tachyium is, is a material that can change the state of the matter by taking the energy of that matter to slow the molecules in the matter to make into a slower state of matter. An example of this is when the Tachyium takes the energy of the air to make it into a solid. Tachyium is also a material that can bend the matter around it to any shape. This allows the ability to create a house of dirt which seemingly isn’t affected by gravity. Tachyium is such a powerful tool in terms of creating a better society. The best part of it is that it can’t be broken by any substance in the universe except by itself.

Now as to how it works. It is quite hard to explain, so let us start as to how it is made. It is a super element meaning that instead of the average singular nucleus that a normal element has, it has multiple nuclei that have the electron count that is equivalent to iron on each of the outside nuclei while the center nucleus has an electron count of a hundred and eighteen. This allows Tachyium to connect to numerous amounts of other atoms so that it can interact and then shrink the bonds of the molecules nearby so that the energy transfer is done faster so that the speed of the elements are slowed down slow that they then become solid. To make the super element you need to fuse about four hundred and twenty three parts iron, eighty nine parts carbon, thirty two parts sulfur, and multiple parts of other molecules in the air  and some other parts of organic material to create one element of Tachyium. For the fusion process to work the temperature needs to be raise to that needed for nuclear fusion in order to combined the atoms into the Tachyium. By using the nuclear fusion the core or the center nucleus of the Tachyium is made of plasma and the outside of it is solid to contain the plasma core.

The core itself is filled with tachyons, particles that are moving faster than the speed of light, to keep the core hot enough not to solidify. Also if any of the tachyons escape the other nuclei would catch it before it gets far. It would then absorb the tachyon and transport it back to the center nucleus through the tube that connects the nuclei. When the molecule is made the Tachyons form by the fusion of the particles that made them unstable while in the molecule, but are easily manageable for the fact that they aren’t able to leave the element's area. Tachyeans have Tachyium molecules spread throughout their being, especially in their skin. The speed of the elements allows the Tachyeans to move from one solar system to another in amount half an hour so that they can get anywhere in the galaxy to help the sentient species in danger of any kind. The power of the Tachyium also allows to create anything that is needed for survival, but the tachyium always needs to be refreshed by a Tachyean so that it doesn’t become unstable and starts to glitch out. This would happen by the fact that when the Tachyium solidifies the molecules around it, it will make it into a holographic looking substance that can go into any shape it is programmed to do. Only a Tachyean can program the Tachyium to create different objects and shapes, but any being can turn it on or off at anytime. This though will indicate the Tachyean nearest to it, so that it is informed on what has happened in the area of the Tachyium that has been deactivated at the time.    

Now what is hot enough to create the Tachyium you might be asking….well the only thing hot enough, other than a star of course, is a Tachyean, using their most powerful organ, the Tachyium heart. The Tachyium heart is what powers a Tachyean and keeps the Tachyium in their skin stable and at the proper speed. The heart will keep the Tachyium powered as long as the Tachyium is in range. The Tachyium in their skin is used to create tools that the Tachyeans use as protection of other or themselves, or use it to help the species they are with at some of their manual labor. The heart is very special for the fact that they wouldn’t be able to create things like the galactic or solar bridges or be able to think of asking the race the Question. 

The Question is actually not as bad as it might sound, it just scares the people for a bit until we example that the heart will not fail. The Question, by the way is that if the Tachyean can take the core of the planet from the owners of the planet, aka the sentient species that live on the planet. This may seem observed to allow a being that the race just met to take a large piece of the planet, but the heart is able to maintain the planet in place of the core itself. This is by the density of the heart is already able to take in about a tenth of a normal size, and then the Tachyean will just fill the rest with air so the heart will use the air to solidify it to take up the rest of the cores old space. Now how will the Tachyean live afterwards might be the next question, but it is a simple answer, the heart will still pump the energy to the Tachyean. That is because the energy will just simply be phased through the matter, and go directly to the Tachyean as long as they are in range of the heart. The range of the heart is about four light years meaning that if the Tachyean goes further than the range they will implode with the solar system that they tried to leave causing mass genocide to all life in that planetary system. That is always the worry, but the Tachyeans are able to show them the galaxy by means of a ship of Tachyium that there are many planets that have heart cores that are just like that races planet. There has only been the one problem that started The War.  

The Tachyean wouldn’t be able to do most of the systems that they do without their skin. Their skin is able to absorb in molecules and to rearrange them into groups of their base elements and can rearrange then into other molecules afterwards. This allows them to collect the molecules needed to create the Tachyium which gives them some calmness of the procedure. It also creates many opportunities to protect themselves with chemical weapons that will disable the threat and allows to disassemble the pollutants that would cause trouble to any species that are experiencing the problems of world pollutants. The only problem that a Tachyean would face is if they were to take what they think is a pollutant away and was actually a useful resource, so it is important that the Tachyean makes contact with any sentient species first. The skin is also able to change the body's shape at will in order to be useful for a certain task, even though most of the time it's only used to bring the Tachyeans in their breeding form. The skin has one other use of being able to expel out Tachyium so that others may use it. Allowing object to be materialized without the tachyeans nearby.

Tachyium has the unique ability of being able to be program by other life forms, for this is odd because Tachyium is a living elements, a cell, that can be easily influenced by others and allows it to happen. That is why the Tachyeans can make it any shape in space. The only reason why other sentient beings don’t use it against the Tachyeans is because of how complex the Tachyium is, meaning that only the tachyeans can comprehend the complexity of the tachyium and its coding.

The Tachyean’s biology is quite the amazing one for its instead of needing food, all they need is energy from the breaking and constructing of atomic bonds, fueling their tachyons with the energy needed to stay in the tachyon state. The energy is pumped by the heart and is then transported to the other Tachyium elements through their electron veins that absorb nearby energy. The veins are purely the electrons of the Tachyium’s outer nuclei that suck in electrons to go through them into the nearby inner nuclei.This allows this not to ever need food nor water as long as they are provided with enough molecules that they are allowed to rearrange. Tachyeans’ are also oddly enough both asexual and sexual reproduction allow them to create offspring no matter what the circumstances are. The Tachyean has one last ability that allows them to breathe without air so they can go anywhere in the universe at any given time as long as they are fast enough to travel there in a reasonable time.

That will be the end of your lesson on the biology of Tachyium. So, why would people need it you still ask, well that would be for the use to advance the technology to the final and most accurate efficiency to make the species live easier.



 What is a Galactic bridge, what does it do, how come it is necessary, are probably some of the most average questions that we get about the solar and galactic bridges. What a solar bridge is is exactly what it sounds like a bridge, but it has the ability to connect a whole solar system with all the species in it and the travel time from the system’s closest to farthest planet is a matter of a day at most. How does such a device work, allow me to example.

A solar bridge is one of the most complex inventions that the Tachyeans’ have ever designed for the sheer size of it. The size of the average solar bridge is about the size of the smallest planet in the system, meaning that the radius of the planet is roughly about two thousand, five hundred kilometers, enough to hold a whole species on board. That’s not even the most impressive part about it, for it is the mechanical perfection of space travel able to connect to every planet in the system at once and then not connect to any of them in a flash.

Now as to how it works, well it is made of Tachyium obviously meaning that it can change its shape for the purpose it is needed for. That allows it to be able to extend one bridge out at any time to the planet’s retrieve point and be able to have the bridge rotate along with the planet on an axis, so the bridge doesn’t breaks, and that it will be curving quite a lot while taking the passengers that are escalating to the center hub of the solar bridge. Now with the speed of the travel to the center hub depends on the planet, but, with the help of the Tachyons in the Tachyium, most of the time it takes four to twelve hours to get there. This speed is achieved by the Tachyons moving the Tachyium platforms under the trains that take the passengers at the fastest, safe velocity, allowing boring travel to take only a fraction of the time.

In the hub of the station is a giant trade meet with Tachyeans’ currency, which is whatever they believe that races currency based on the planet the travelers come from is worth and is then traded for Unity bills. The hub supports so much trade that without it the economy of the whole system could crash if the market were to be closed for more than a day’s time. The hub is also the collection of the most well trained medical professionals to keep the population from getting each other sick from any deadly viruses. There is also some of the most exotic of food aboard the solar bridge’s hub to provide a variety of foreign flavors. The hub is also the main headquarters for the two Tachyeans that defend and manage each solar system, and to have the Tachyeans go to the main court to get help if there is anything needed.

The hub also has transporter platforms that can take you anywhere in the hub in a matter of an hour the most. That allows coming people to enjoy the time while they are at the hub and even if they were in a hurry there would still be time to hit a bunch of places before they would have to leave the comfort of the hub. Then they would take the slide like escalator out of the hub down to the next planet they need to get to.

And now for the big one of the two, the galactic bridge. They are similar in a way, but the two bridges act on totally different ways when it come to transportation. The galactic bridge in comparison to the solar bridge makes the solar bridge look like the size of a pea to a Elephant. The galactic bridges are also not as plentiful as the solar bridges for their is only three galactic bridges and there is thirty nine thousand, five hundred and eighty two solar bridges. The purpose of the galactic bridge is quite different though from its smaller counterpart.

The galactic bridge instead of connecting to nearby planets the connect to the rotating solar bridges in that galaxy to bring any species together from any part of the galaxy. It works off of the same idea as the solar bridge, but with an added step that one bridge will branch out to multiple planets at once. They would also make it so that the connection of the two bridges are rotating at the same speed so that they can easily connect without having to go against the solar bridges programing that doesn’t allow it to stop working. Travel from one planet or solar system to another hasn’t been easier until the galactic bridge. The galactic  and solar bridges are the cause for the tachyeans going around the universe asking the many species that exist in it The Question.  

The need for the bridges are very high for the reason that they provide the most economy in the Order of Tachyon, this being for the fact that so much goes on at the bridges. The galactic bridges are also the meeting place for the court of Tachyon to create order in the universe. There at the court there is both a representative of that solar system and one of the Tachyeans that live in that galaxy to represent the solar system that they are defending. They also have the five elders of Tachyean(except myself for the fact that I only need to get the information from the event), and the Lord of Tachyon, the supreme leader of all the universe under the Order of Tachyon. The average discussion in the court begins with a statement from the most suffering solar system, then the elders evaluate the situation to see if the problem is out of hand enough for investigation. If it is, one of the elite tachyean’s will go to the world or bridge of the situation. The elite would then deal with the problem or report back to the elders to inform that there is only a minor problem and that they should be able to use their Tachyeans of that sector to figure out the solution. If the elite’s mission is successful then the lord of Tachyon will come to that system to present them their savior of their system and replace one of the previous tachyeans at that post. Only occasionally will there be a problem that will be too much for the elite, but if that situation does go out of hand the lord of Tachyon will take care of the problem themself. Then the cycle repeats itself until there is a low amount of problem in the Order for the tachyeans won’t solve all the problem, but will help when it is needed.

The economy of the Order is always about even for the fact that the Tachyeans trust the other species in the Order to handle it. That is because the Tachyeans don’t believe in currency, but see it as an opportunity to help the Order come together to get the resources necessary to progress further. The reason why the economy is very consistent though is because there are high and low areas in the economy of the Order. That when one part of the Order crashes the other part of it flourishes then they support the crashing area balancing out all of the economic trouble. There is only one area where the economics is at its lowest, that being the Tachyean’s system for the Tachyeans never try to raise the economic power their and because of The War. Though the highest area point in the economy is the galactic bridges. That is because only the best of salesmen have the strive to make the effort and spend the time to get to the galactic bridges. Then there is the most law enforcement to make sure that nothing is done that could potentially hurt the name of the grand point in the Realm of Tachyon.

There are also large cities that make up the galactic bridge for it is the size of fifty solar bridges making it some of the biggest things in the universe other than black holes. In these cities exist multiple whole species that have lost their home world and bits of others that have made generations of their race there. There are so many living there that it seems like the bridge is more of an apartment than a road. These species would then have a Tachyean in a large area covering enough to watch over all the events that happen in these cities. The Largest and most famous of the bunch is named Attachyen for it was made during The War and was used to house the species that could no longer go back to their worlds. It is ran by five Tachyeans to that were the descendants of the Tachyeans that fought for these races, and then became friend with them. This city makes it so that no one feels judged by the losses that their species have experienced. In each city all races come to the center of the city once a month to honor all those who have lost their worlds, and all those who died fighting for their right to freedom and believes. There is also custom that while they gather, they will learn of the race that they are sharing the city with, and to try some of that races old traditions. This ceremony is called the Day of Scarring Past, and is honored by the rest of the Order of Tachyon on one day of the year.

The galactic bridge is the ultimate sign of unity and peace through the universe, and it has stood the tale of time for about one million years of expansion, happiness, and The War. Though much of the Order did not see the pain that was brought onto the Tachyeans and their early allies, they do know that it was a hard time for many and they will protect the honor of the lost to the end of time. This is the main way that the bridges are built, for the fact of all that we have gone through is what convinced many of the new species to allow us to take the iron necessary to make the Tachyium that helps so many enjoy our universe. Our Realm of Tachyon. (sorry for the rambling, but sometimes I feel its right to have emotion on the matter.)



        The Lord of Tachyon is the supreme ruler of the Realm of Tachyon like previously stated, but what makes them the lord you ask? There is only one way to be a lord of Tachyon and that is to be the pure descent of the first Tachyean. This is because the first thousand after the first Tachyean were created by the mighty ruler of existence, Electruthez, so the one that they created weren’t true descendants of the first Tachyean. The ones born of the family of the First Tachyean had powers that other Tachyeans did not possess like the ability to change the color they are, or have their personal Tachyium the color of blue instead of orange. The color difference shows how much more power the blue has because the scale is that of the stars where the blue star is the hottest and youngest of the stars while orange was more old. The descendants of the First Tachyean are also have the ability to gain the experience of the previous Lords of Tachyon, so they would be able to lead the Order at a young age, and not stall the work that has to be done by them. The heritage is how the Lords of Tachyon is decided.

        There have been many Lords of Tachyon since the beginning of the Tachyeans. The total amount has been a hundred and forty-two for the fact that tachyeans can live up to ten thousand years before they join Electruthez in the light of the universe. All of the lords did something great in their era to help progress the expansion of the Order of Tachyon, and save millions of lives at least. Here will be the list of Tachyeans that were able to make the most change to their time:

        (Number of order of first to last of the Lords of Tachyon)

Born: Twelve thousand eight hundred and twenty three A.B.(At Beginning)

Died: Twenty one thousand and seventy five A.B.

Born: one hundred Twenty one thousand and sixty five A.B.

Died:  one hundred Thirty one thousand two hundred and fifty-two A.B.

Born:two hundred Thirty one thousand two hundred and forty-two A.B.

Died: two hundred forty two thousand and three A.B.

Born: three hundred forty one thousand and three A.B.

Died: three hundred Fifty two thousand two hundred and eighty

Born: Five hundred thousand A.B

Died: Five hundred and thirteen thousand, eight hundred and forty two A.B.

Born: Six hundred and twelve thousand, four hundred and two A.B.

Died: Six hundred and Twenty-four thousand, eight hundred and thirty five A.B.

Born: Seven hundred and ninety one thousand, forty seven A.B.

Died:  Eight hundred and nine thousand, and sixty A.B

Born: nine hundred and ninety four thousand, eight hundred and forty two A.B.

Died: One million A.B.


There have been many races that have joined the Order of Tachyon, and many of them have helped in large ways. In the time of Tachyon there have been over thousands of species that have united together to form the powerful Order of Tachyon. The current amount of species in the Order is eleven thousand, two hundred and eight. Though here is the list of some of the most important of the species that have supported some of the most meaningful events in Tachyon history. Then there will also be some of those whom had changed the course history in the not so favorable ways, but are still important for the events they played in.

(number order based on the order of the race joining the Order of Tachyon.)


In the course of this document I hope you found what you were looking for and was able to achieve the goal of gaining knowledge today. The great Order approves of this book and hopes that you are satisfied by choosing to read this informative document.


Author’s note:

Sulfern’s personal opinion of the current issues of the Order of Tachyon

Here is some more on the issue of our loss of a Lord of Tachyon. This is a very concerning time for all under the Order, for there has always been a Lord of Tachyon to keep the elders under check and the other Tachyeans would take order from the lord, but without there being a Lord of Tachyon the whole system of processing of the Order. In the situation at had I am no longer going to be able to produce my documents to help inform the rest of the Order. I hope that this won’t last long and that I will be able to continue informing the universe under the Order.

One of the current problems with the court of the Order is that there is no Tachyean to dispatch the Elites fast enough to help with the current problems that the other races are experiencing. The Elites are trying their hardest to get to everyone, but with there being no guidance they are having to go to every planet to just to check what is happening. Then there is the problem with the governing Tachyeans and their relations with the beings of each of their solar systems. They are trying to get the idea of the problems of the system, but the leaders are concerned that the Tachyeans can’t even organize themselves enough to get the main objectives dones. The Tachyeans that aren’t busy with the reorganization of the Order are also complaining that they need to focus on getting a new Lord of Tachyon in order to bring the Order back together. This only makes the elders upset because they are trying to satisfy all of the Order at once, which I don’t agree with that for that I think the best think we can do is to let the systems of the Order handle their own problem. The elders though, think that the faster everyone is satisfied the faster we can find a new Lord of Tachyon, and hope that they can bring order back to the Order. The problem with that is that there is no way to solve all of the problems because everyone has problems, and the people they have already helped out will need help again making it a continuous loop of never having the time to get the Lord of Tachyon that we seek.

The other thing is that what will the other races think of us if we are in a rush trying to help them with problems that are insignificant to us, but is the most troubling thing that has happened to their race. They could start to think that we don’t care of their problems. Then they are going to want to leave the Order in order to get their own solution to the problems that they may not have the power to fix. We are only going to have more problems with the Order unless we organize the supreme gathering of Tachyon to be able to hopefully summon Electruthez to bring us a new Lord of Tachyon.

Though that is just the problems that I was experiencing so just be prepared to not hear from me for a while and enjoy some of the upcoming novels that I will Publish before the end of the month: The Beginning, a story of a God, The Beginning, a Story of the Creation of Tachyon. Until next time my friends.