Graham Cracker Chocolate Chip Cookies

From The Kitchen of: Yolanda Caccamo Quackenbush


*1/2 cup of Dark Brown Sugar

*1/2 cup of Granulated Sugar

*2 1/4 Cup of All Purpose Flour

* 1/2 cup of Crisco

* 1/2 cup (1 stick) of Room Temperature Unsalted Butter

* 1/2 tsp. of Salt

* 2 tsp. of Vanilla Extract

* 6 full size Nabisco Honey Flavored Graham Crackers

* 1 tsp. of Baking Soda

* 1 package (2 cups) of Nestle Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

* 2 Eggs


* Pre-Heat Oven to 350 Degrees F

* In a large Bowl mix the Crisco, Butter, Brown Sugar, and Granulated Sugar with a Kitchen Aide Mixer or an Electric Hand Mixer, until soft and smooth.

* Add in the vanilla and the Eggs one at a time

* In a food processor grind the Graham Crackers until they are pure crumbs with no lumps and add to the wet mixture

* Add the salt, baking soda, and flour (1 cup at a time) until all the ingredients are well incorporated.

* Fold in the Chocolate Chips

* Spread Parchment Paper onto a cookie sheet and scoop desired size balls of cookie dough onto the cookie sheet

~*~Note~*~I used my medium sized cookie scoop that I bought from Bed Bath and Beyond.  It make the perfect size cookie every time and they are always all the same size

* Bake for 11-12 minutes at 350 Degrees F

~*~Note~*~If making a smaller cookie then it may need less time

* Eat with a glass of cold milk and...