EPICS V4 telecon, 29-Sep-2015


1. 4.5 Release coordination

  - Report of Release Police

2. Agenda input for November

  - date change to November 18-20

  - dbGroup requirements and design?

  - other requested items

3. ICALEPCS talks

  - What talks are being given

  - Content recommendations

  - Arm twisting for contributions


Present: AJ, DH, GW, MK, MD, RL, TK, BD, GS

Chair: GW

Scribe: MD, AJ

4.5 Release coordination

DH: C++ is out

MK: I tested it this morning, works. GW does the Java, is it ready?

GW: Is the spreadsheet all filled out? Yes, I will press the button.

Agenda for next face to face meeting

RL: would like to address release process

AJ: Current planning document at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SB8pxhSy9bYSndUePvT9LJE-Fj_wQw1GeX5sxpKJvj0/edit?usp=sharing

GW: please write into the doc

RL Can’t make the 18-20th

MK: Can RL do 18-19th?

DH: Or 17-19?

RL: May be able to make the 17-19th , leave on the 19th PM.

Resolution: Meeting will be November 17-19th


AJ: Sinisa is going.

GW: EPICS meeting organizers asked who can give a talk. GW suggested maybe Sinisa.

AJ: Will ask SV if he’d be able to give a demo.