Queen Azshara


Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Over 10,000 years ago before the Well of Eternity ripped apart the lands of Azeroth, the Elves lived peacefully, drawing magic and eternal life from its waters. Like all civilizations, they had a ruler - Queen Azshara. She was beautiful, charismatic and persuasive in ways others could never hope to achieve.

Unfortunately, this pride would be her downfall.

Delving deeper into the magic of the Well, Azshara and her advisors eventually dug too deep, drawing the attention of  Sargeras and The Burning Legion. Following a failed invasion attempt, Azshara, her handmaidens and Highborne still loyal to her were flung into the sea, transformed into the Naga where they wait to this day, biding their time until vengeance can be brought back to the land.

Jeff’s Choices



Trait- “Azahara's Charm”

It's no secret that throughout everything that Azahara did to and for her people her charm kept them all in line. In heroes I'd be storm Azahara's charm would play a huge role in her success in the game. This trait will release a charm spell every 5 seconds in an AOE circle around her. Any heroes that are affected by this charm will have a debuff on them that will not allow them to attack Azahara for .5 seconds. With this trait Azahara will be a powerful assassin that will have great survivability.

Mount- Chariot pulled by two naga like floating seahorses

Q- “Javelins of Suramar”

Just like in the World of Warcraft Azahara wields the Javelins of Suramar, powerful legendary javelins that will deal massive damage to the enemy. When this ability is activated the queen will toss one of the javelins at a target and impale them. This javelin only does small damage to start, but while impaled the javelin will charm the target and not allow them to do damage to Azahara for a short amount of time. after the time expires the weapon will return to Azahara. She has two javelins and will have 2 charges of this ability but gains an auto attack decrease if she has one out, and no auto attacks if both are out. Can be talented into later in the game to also deal DoT damage.

W- “Arcane Missiles”

Azahara is know as one of the most powerful arcane mages in the word of Warcraft. This ability is one that will be on a short cool down and allow three charges to be stored. These missiles will auto hit random targets in the area once they are activated and deal a large amounts of damage when they contact.

E- “Underwater.”

This launches a slow moving bubble from the queen that if it connects with a hero will give them a breath meter. When the player runs of of breath they will "pass out" and their screen will go black for a very short amount of time and they will be stunned for this same amount of time. Maybe the length of a hammer of justice stun.

Heroic 1- “Naga”

Azahara's head like all naga is covered with serpents. This is a passive heroic that acts like a burning rage and allows her serpents to deal damage to enemies that are close to her. Also when this is selected it increases the amount of time that enemies are charmed by her trait.

Heroic 2- “The Kraken” 

Azahara unleashes the Kraken, a huge squid like monster that will come from a spawned pool in the ground of the battlefield. The tentacles of the kraken will grab heroes in an AOE circle and these heroes will need to run away from the mouth of the beast before they are bit and dealt a large amount of damage.

Specialty Skin: Snake Goddess Medusa OR  Runway Model Azahara

Dance: Underwater pinch nose and trickle Down move

Kristen’s Choices




        Assassin (mage - burst damage)


        Total Obedience

Ageless in beauty and beguiling in nature, it was said that Azshara had an aura about her that would make loyal even the most untrusting. Whenever an enemy gets within range of this aura, they suffer debuffs to damage done to both Azshara and any of her followers. The longer they remain in this, the less damage they do.


        Horse Drawn Carriage




Internal Torment

Using the power of Sharas’dal, the Sceptre of Tides, Azshara controls the water inside of an enemy Hero, boiling their blood. Though the enemy moves faster due to the excruciating pain, their attacks are slower.


Shore of Eternity

Summoning forth the power of the waters around her, Azshara creates a monstrous wave that crashes against all enemies, briefly locking them in place. This attack has 3 charges.


Terror of the Deep

Moving her hands upward, Azshara brings forth tentacles from the ground that grab, damage and throw those foolish enough to tread too close.


A Dark Deal

Feeling power surge through her body, Azshara is transformed into the snake monstrosity we assume she is today, wielding the Javelins of Suramar. These weapons are imbued with old magic and are thrown at a faster and faster rates until the end of the ability.


        Behold the Horrors

To force her enemies to endure the same sense of death she felt when she almost drowned, Azshara summons from the ground a giant sphere of water, capturing any that do not move out of the way in time. Once trapped inside, they begin to lose health as they drown. In addition, enemy forces outside can continue to attack them from the ground.



Her form would be transformed into that of a Greek statue.


        Mata Hari

Though we don’t know how she danced, we know she danced well.