School Year 2017 - 2018

MMS Coding Club 


Mission: To provide the access and opportunity to learn code for all students at Moody Middle School. In addition, we also would like to provide all students the opportunity to translate their ideal or invention into a product or service.


Summer 2018



Enjoy your Summer Break!!


If you have access to a computer or ipad; take some time to work on a few coding activities.

Outline below are a few free Summer online coding sites:     -search under Computing section           -select a coding language                     -select a game   -select a coding language


Organizations that support Coding for students:

NCWIT Aspirations

NCWIT Aspirations in Computing (AiC) provides a long-term community for female technologists, from K-12 through higher education and beyond, encouraging persistence in computing through continuous engagement and ongoing encouragement at each pivotal stage of their educational and professional development.

CodeVA is a non profit organization that, through advocacy, teacher training and direct student programs, partners with schools, parents, and communities to bring equitable computer science education to all of Virginia’s student.

Watch Rock Your Microsoft .NET Coding Standards Online | Vimeo On ...

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