EPICS V4 Telecon 23-Aug-2016

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  1. Progress on AIs
  2. Status
  3. Documentation of exampleJava (exampleJava#19)
  4. Agenda for SNS Meeting
  5. AOB


Chair: AJ

Present: AJ, KK, MK, RL, SH, DH, (GS?)

Minutes: KK

1. Table of AIs




Target Date



See who can fund dbGroup/Qsrv going on




Update your module to include copy of that one LICENSE. Update your headers to contain the header text.




Update your headers to contain the header text.





Simplify Literature page and home page to help users find novice oriented documentation.




Monitor changes pull request (move Monitor API from pvData to pvAccess; AI from meeting 15-Mar-2016, http://tinyurl.com/zqa3qyp



AJ: Progress?

RL: Everybody update headers, 6b, but not important for 4.6 bundle

2. Status

Planning Document

MK: I don’t see any problems, please go ahead and merge

MK: RC1 only needs DH’s changes. Change pull request from master to release branch?

RL: Doesn’t matter. Will cherry-pick from master to release branch.

DH: Pull requests for pvDataJava, exampleJava, exampleCPP, last one not quite ready yet.

DH: Equality of structures now behave the same in CPP and Java. ‘equal’ means same fields with same values. Used to sometimes only compare values.

AJ: But note that order of fields should not matter.

DH: ‘equal’ means structures have same order of fields.

AJ: Does it matter in practice? How often are structs compared for equality?

MK: Still need to define ‘equal’.

AI: Agenda item for F2F meeting (done).

AJ: RC1 will be created after merging pvDataJava, exampleJava, exampleCPP pull requests. SV may need to adjust internals for pvaPy.

MK: Only 3 weeks until F2F left for release.

RL: For V4 training, how much memory is required for the VM? Will 4GB suffice?

DH: Likely OK.

3. Documentation of exampleJava

RL made a proposal for simplification at issue exampleJava#19.

RL: Redundant, duplications. Goal is one place to show how to execute all examples. exampleJava is top-level module with overall information on how to build. Each submodule has documentation, linked from top-level module. REAME within a submodule generic such that it remains valid when copied out.

AJ: Same for CPP?

RL: Work on documentation can continue on release branch. Unclear if there’s time to complete CPP doc updates within this release.

4. Agenda for SNS meeting

Agenda doc publish link — edit link is in the G+ Event

RL: Anders will give ITER status talk. I’ll present ITER build pipeline for EPICS 3/V4 (Jenkins, for Java and CPP).

SH: AJ, can you present EPICS work group summary at EPICS meeting?

AJ: Yes.

Arman’s V4 session:

Bob Dalesio (Vision of v4)

Timo K.(v4 in ESS)

Murali (Archiver Appliance v4)

Michael D. (Information on v4 internals)

Kunal (CSStudio and v4)

Kay (V4 support in display builder)

Bruno Martins(v4 area detector)

David Hickin (Diamond Middle Layer)

Marty Kraimer (History)

5. AOB

Telecon again same time next week, DH will be absent.