Avengers Endgame Addon

The Infinity Stones

NOTE: You must be wearing the Infinity Gauntlet in your off-hand for the Infinity Stones to work.

The Power Stone:

Holding the Power Stone will make entities, when hit by the player, take 15 attack damage. It will also cause a purple explosion underneath the entity, which can be used for special effects or to launch mobs off of ledges.

The Space Stone:

        The Space Stone allows players when holding the stone to teleport around 15 blocks away from their previous location. A portal (used only for decoration purposes) will appear both where you teleported from and too.

The Reality Stone:

“Reality can now be whatever I want.” – Thanos

The Reality Stone can change reality as you know it and make you rich. Wherever you walk, Diamond Blocks will appear and red particles will fly into the air, dropping diamonds and emeralds down to the ground.

The Soul Stone:

Because it was only used once in “Avengers: Infinity War”, the Soul Stone does not have many functions. However, you can still use it to summon a swarm of bats to annoy your friends or enemies. When summoned with the stone, the bats will only last four seconds before disappearing.

The Time Stone:

Being one of my favorite features in the addon, the Time Stone can, when held in your hand, will continuously change the time of day. Once you stop holding the stone, the time of day will stop changing.

The Mind Stone:

        The Mind Stone can give you special effects when held. It gives you speed, jump boost, resistance, and regeneration. So whenever you are low on health or need to get somewhere quickly, just use the Mind Stone.